On February 14, Alena Sharp, for the first time as a “husband”, celebrated Valentine’s Day with her same-sex partner Sarah Bowman in a legitimate marriage.

Sharp was born in 1981, played the LPGA Tour for 15 years, and Bowman, for the past six years, has been a caddy for Sharp. They fell in love during “cooperation in combat”, then got married on November 23, 2020, with the owner of the wedding being their own therapist.

“People often tell the story of meeting someone that makes you always want to be holistic. And I always thought it was silly. But when I met Alena, I no longer believed in this personal opinion,” Bowman said at the wedding.

Bowman (left) in his wedding ceremony with Sharp on 23/11.  Photo: New York Times / Nancy Albright

Bowman (left) in his wedding ceremony with Sharp on 23/11. Image: New York Times / Nancy Albright

“We have been discussing the wedding for two years, but procrastinating time after time for many objective reasons. Then the epidemic broke out. But the political upheaval is the most ominous because our marriage may be. Not approved by the law. Also, Sarah surprised by proposing right after the Shoprite award in October “, Sharp said.

Disease caused their wedding to “socially distanced”, witnessed by about nine field guests and 100 followers from afar.

“It took us about a month to prepare. The wedding was on November 23, the 60th anniversary of Sarah’s parents’ wedding. It was really special. We held it in our private backyard in Arizona. , rent a party service to prepare a few tables. Some friends and sister Sarah attended, while others check out the Zoom software “, Sharp added the big but simple day.

Sharp first met Bowman in 2013. Back then, they faced each other in an entertainment hockey match in Arizona. Before golf, Sharp loves to ski. Through the childhood game, she found the same tune from Bowman – former high-achievement snowboarder.

When he met Sharp, Bowman was looking to quit his job at the neuropathy laboratory she founded to find a Ph.D. in Psychology. During the first appointment to ride a hill, Bowman “read” Sharp’s shyness into complacency. “I thought she was all about herself,” Bowman said of her five-year-old partner.

Their friendship gradually deepened. By 2014, Sharp struggled to find the effective caddies. Once excited, the Canadian golfer suggested the real combat assistant, and Bowman agreed. Back then, Sharp wanted to compete for the event in the Symetra Second-class system of the LPGA Tour.

Bowman started the game, went to the first fairway in the tournament with a drab bag of sticks and a sloppy look. But through each round, Bowman proved more professional and helpful. With assistant Bowman, Sharp was crowned champion with a two-stroke difference. And after a few months looking for the golf title together, they came to an agreement. “We agree that, if the job affects my personal relationship, I will find another caddy,” Sharp revealed “prenuptial contract”.

Alena Sharp (right) in a fun moment with his wife Sarah Bowman.  Photo: Golf Channel

Alena Sharp (right) in a moment of fun with “wife” Sarah Bowman. Image: Golf Channel

In 2016, Sharp and Bowman in the Canadian golf team at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. After that, both settled in the US and are currently citizens of the state of Arizona. In 2017, she came out as a lesbian herself. Last October, same-sex marriage was recognized in this state.

Sharp has been playing golf professionally since 2003. Two years later, she entered the LPGA Tour. Over the past 15 years in the American women’s golf arena, Sharp has not won the championship in 14 times to finish the top 10 with a total prize money of 2.74 million USD. She is ranked 105th professional women’s golf world rankings – Rolex Rankings.

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