VKL Runners, Ha Tinh Runners and Dong Anh Runner are three of the first groups to complete the list of members participating in the team competition.

At VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2021, VKL Runners participating with 2 teams: high-ranking seed competition and high-level rubbing team. The total number of members attending the tournament is about 50 people, including official athletes as well as reserve athletes.

VKL Runners Club President, Mr. Le Quang Chung said that although divided into 2 teams, all 50 athletes have good and stable achievements. Most have run a full marathon of 42 km.

“We set the target for 23 seeders to be under 3 hours 30 minutes on FM and 1 hour 40 minutes with HM. Like the rubbing team it must be under 4 hours FM and 1 hour 45 HM,” said Chung. share.

VKL Runners club members during a running tournament in September 2020.

VKL Runners club members during a running tournament in September 2020. Image: VKL Runners.

VKL Runners is a familiar name at VnExpress Marathon. The group started from people who often jog together in Viet Hung urban area and Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien urban area, launched in August 2018. The name “VKL Runners” comes from the abbreviation of “Viet Hung Club Long Bien”. Over time, the club members as well as the people around them often explain with the friendly name “Vui-Khoề-Lắm” with the slogan “Great fun, Unexpected surprise”.

The number of members is maintained below 150, according to Chung to maintain the group’s intimacy level and general activities.

In the Central region, Ha Tinh Runner (HTR) is the group that soon completes the list of registered athletes VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2021 according to the team.

The group currently has 13 people running FM and 17 people running HM. Mr. Nguyen Phi Hung, member of the management board of HTR, said that from these 30 people, 23 best running legs will be selected according to the number of members of the Organizing Committee. The group aims to reach the top 5 overall with an average of 4 hours FM and HM of 2 hours 15 minutes.

An HTR relay run event.

An HTR relay run event. Image: HTR.

Assessing the attractiveness of the team tournament VM Hanoi Midnight, Mr. Phi Hung said that this was an opportunity to connect everyone in the club instead of running individually. In addition, the Hanoi Night Marathon brings together a large number of large groups across the country, creating a playground for learning and competition.

“Groups in Hanoi or the Northern provinces have advantages in both quantity and quality. However, we are still confident that we can achieve high rankings on the upcoming race day,” Hung said.

After the first registration, HTR expects to have about 40 club members attending the tournament. About 30% of these have successfully conquered Hanoi night track in the first season. Some athletes who used to stand on the podium to receive the award such as: Nguyen Thi Tra Giang – Most female 42 km, over 30 years old; Tran Manh Hoang – 21 km male runner-up aged over 30. At VnExpress Hue Marathon 2020, the group also has 2 running legs with prizes: Nguyen Thanh Tra – 5th prize, distance 42 km, over 40 years old and Nguyen Phi Hung – fourth prize ly 21 km aged over 40.

HTR was born in Ha Tinh from December 2019. This is one of the leading large running groups in the North Central region with more than 2,000 members throughout the country and abroad. The group regularly organizes marathon activities in Ha Tinh, with the participation of 400 to 500 members.

Dong Anh Runners members.  Photo: DAR.

Dong Anh Runners members. Image: DAR.

Dong Anh Runners (DAR) is a group of running legs in Dong Anh district (Hanoi). Initially, DAR had more than 10 people registered for the Hanoi night run, but after learning about the team tournament category, nearly 30 members registered to participate in this round.

DAR Club Vice President Phung Van Thanh said there was a list of 23 runners participating in the team competition at the upcoming VM Hanoi Midnight. The group has not set a goal of achievement but uphold the team spirit, showing the shirt colors.

“Night running in the old streets is an impressive experience, very difficult to find compared to running during the day. In addition, team competitions in other tournaments are not available, this will be a new driving force of the community of clubs. set “, Mr. Thanh shared.

DAR was established for about 2 years, gathering of running enthusiasts with an average age of 32. The group management board regularly organizes lesson plan training sessions. The weekend longrun sessions attract from 20 to 40 people, which is a place for people to exchange information, exchange practice.

On his birthday last year, DAR organized a large-scale movement tournament with full criteria such as professional competition to improve the quality of expertise in the group. Mr. Phung Van Thanh said that jogging brings many health and mental benefits, becoming an indispensable part of the lives of many people in the group.

Athletes run Hanoi night through the church.  Photo: Huu Khoa.

The athletes run Hanoi night through the cathedral. Image: Huu Khoa.

The team prize is one of the new points of VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2021. To join, the clubs / groups need to select 20 people, including 10 registrants at 21 km distance and 10 people from 42 km distance. . In which, at a distance of 21 km, there are at least 4 female athletes and a distance of 42 km has at least 2 women. The list can have 3 additional members.

Professional athletes are not allowed to join the group. This condition is to ensure that the competition between teams at VM Hanoi Midnight 2021 is an attractive race exclusively for amateurs, amateurs, and promoters of sports.

Each person can only register for one group, and must buy Bib to attend before the end of Super Early Birds (March 3). Runners who buy Bib after this time are not allowed to compete in the competition.

Groups and individuals registered to participate in the VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2021 marathon visit here.

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