Athletes can register to participate in the tournament until the end of July 30, the time to conquer the challenge is increased to 26 days.

In the face of the epidemic situation with many complicated developments, affecting the training and participation of many runners, the organizers of the V-Race campaign “Brave Child Warrior” decided to extend the registration deadline signed until the end of July 30 instead of 24/7 as the original. At the same time, the challenge implementation time is in 26 days, an increase of 5 days compared to the previous one. This is an opportunity for runners participating in the campaign to have more time to plan as well as strive to conquer challenging distances, while still ensuring epidemic prevention regulations.

Taking place in the context of complicated developments of Covid-19, affecting the lives of many people, including many children who had to live alone in the isolation area, the “Courageous Child Soldier” award is aimed at calling Calling the community to take steps to spread the spirit of love for children, especially those who are heavily affected by the epidemic.

Children in an isolation ward in Vinh Phuc.  Photo: BaoVinhPhuc

Children in an isolation ward in Vinh Phuc. Image: Vinh Phuc Newspaper.

Officially opening the gate from July 3, after a week, the number of people registering for the virtual V-Race “Courageous Child Warrior” has attracted more than 1,000 participants. Each step of the runners participating in the tournament will serve as an encouragement for them to overcome the immediate difficulties. In addition, the virtual running campaign “Courageous Child Warrior” is also an opportunity for people to set running goals, improve their own health, and prepare personal exercises during the period of sporting events. Collective sports must be suspended.

Not only for individuals, running groups across the country can also register to participate in the challenge under the collective category. Each person can choose one of the distances: 10km, 21km, 42km, 100km, 150km, depending on the training conditions and the level of challenge you want to set for yourself.

Runner finished at VM Hue 2020. Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Runner finished at VM Hue 2020. Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

In a period of 26 days, individuals can run an unlimited number of times, as long as they accumulate enough registered distances with an average speed of 3 minutes/km to 12 minutes/km (equivalent to pace: 3: 00 to 12:00). This is a range that allows runners to alternate between running and walking, suitable for those who are new to this sport.

To participate, runners need to download and install the Strava app, then link to the V-Race virtual running platform. At the end of the campaign, runners will receive an online certificate and medal from V-Race “brave child warrior” as a way to celebrate their efforts during the virtual race.

Register to participate in V-Race “Brave Child Warrior” here.

Thao Mien

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