PVI Insurance helps 5,000 athletes feel secure to compete with insurance benefits worth 100 million VND.

VnExpress Hue Marathon held on November 27 is the third runner-up of the year with the companion of PVI Insurance. At the PVI information desk, many runners are interested to find out and surprise information about insurance benefits.

“This is the first time I go running and have such a large insurance package. Jogging is a quite safe sport, but there is a guarantee of accidents like this, athletes like me will be much more secure”, runner Dao Thi Minh Ly (Hanoi) shared after receiving Bib on the afternoon of December 26.

Runner visits PVI Insurance's booth on December 26.  Photo: Tien Thanh.

Runner visits PVI Insurance’s booth on December 26th. Image: Carried into.

According to PVI’s insurance benefits package, all individuals participating in VnExpress Marathon Hue 2020 sports event including athletes and volunteers, members of the Organizing Committee will receive insurance benefits if they encounter risks. The maximum value is 100 million dong per person.

The representative of the enterprise said that he would pay for accidents that occurred, including death, accidental bodily injury, death due to illness, and sudden illness within the insurance period.

Insurance benefits will depend on each case. In the event that the insured person dies, bodily injury due to an accident within the scope of insurance, PVI will pay the full sum insured. If an individual dies from sudden illness or illness within the insurance period, the payout will be 50% of the sum insured. If there is a permanent bodily injury due to an accident that is covered by the insurance coverage, the rate shall be paid according to the Ministry of Finance’s infirmity premium rate table.

The booth offers a variety of runner insurance.  Photo: Tien Thanh.

The booth offers a variety of runner insurance. Image: Carried into.

“We hope that in addition to an attractive race, athletes and the organizers will feel more secure with financial support. VnExpress Marathon Hue is the largest-scale running tournament today and receives the attention. of many people, “shared PVI Insurance representative.

In addition to general insurance for the participants, the individuals who win the first prize for each distance will receive an insurance package worth 200 million dong, one year period from the date of winning. PVI will pay for the following cases: death, bodily injury, missing due to accident or by the insured’s actions to save people, save property of the State, the people and participate in the fight against illegal actions.

Runner received Bib on December 26th afternoon.  Photo: Lam Thoa.

Runner received Bib on December 26th afternoon. Image: Lam Thoa.

PVI Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in the Vietnamese market, continuously in the top 10 prestigious non-life insurance companies for 4 consecutive years from 2017 to 2020. Currently, the enterprise accounts for a large market share. in the industrial insurance segment, highlighting the energy insurance, aviation insurance, damage insurance – property, ship insurance …

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