When the final steps crossed the finish line at a distance of 42 km in the Vnexpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2020, Manh Linh smiled radiantly at the congratulations from his teammates in the TPBank running club. This is the first time Linh has completed the full marathon, the goal he has set at the beginning of the year.

To accomplish this goal, Linh said she has been practicing diligently for a long time. Many times the thought of giving up appeared in the mind.


Runners from TPBank participate in the night running tournament with characteristic purple shirts.

“Jogging is considered the simplest sport when all you need is a pair of shoes, a suit and so on. But what you need to get past is not the runners, but the people who run by you.” You are yourself. On a long way, when your strength is gone, your legs are tired and your destination is still far away, you will have many reasons to stop, “Linh shared.

The spirit and energy of athletes like Linh is also what leaders of TPBank, the co-organizer of Vnexpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight, want to spread to the community.

“Through the run, TPBank wishes to encourage, encourage and inspire sports practice to everyone to get healthy not only physically but also mentally”, said Nguyen Hung, General Director TPBank said.

“To develop and become one of the leading private banks in the market, banks need to have health, have a solid foundation. And that health, that foundation needs to be rooted in health. health of each member of the bank “, the bank representative shared.


Previous runners will start at Vnexpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2020.

Not until now did TPBank appear in the “running village”. Two years ago, more than 1,200 TPBank employees with purple and yellow sports shirts (the typical color of the TPBank logo) dyed Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc square on the banks of Hoan Kiem lake during the running event called TPBank Family Marathon 2018. That was also the launch date of the TPBank Running Club that Linh was a member of.

In addition to the running club, other sports clubs such as soccer, tennis, and yoga are also active in the bank. Most of the members participating in these activities affirmed that sports bring cohesion among employees in the business, creating motivation and reducing stress.

According to many members, sports help them organize their work more scientifically to achieve goals, improve teamwork skills, and plan for each stage of the work.

“We are having a healthy body from the inside out. The health of the bank will be difficult to guarantee, if the health of each cell is not guaranteed by the bank staff. work will be worse and productivity will decrease, “said Hung, and said that TPBank will continue to maintain the spirit of internal sports and spread it more widely to the community in the coming time.

Thanks to the spirit of sport, TPBank always exudes youthfulness, dynamism, enthusiasm, always pioneering in applying new things. TPBank was one of the first banks in Vietnam to apply an integrated – deploy (CI / CD) – technology previously seen only in the world’s technology giants like Google and Microsoft. Or, the first LiveBank system in Vietnam allows customers to perform many transactions by themselves, even manually issue ATM cards to get them right after a few minutes without the need for tellers.

In the first 9 months of this year, TPBank recorded a record pre-tax profit of 3,024 billion dong, and total assets increased to over 193,000 billion dong, while the bad debt ratio was controlled below 2%.

Phong Van

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