Florian Neuschwander achieved an average speed of 3 minutes 52 seconds per kilometer in nearly 6 hours and 30 minutes to conquer a distance of 100km on the treadmill.

The record was set by Neuschwander on February 1, when this 39-year-old runner completed 100km running on the machine with a time of 6 hours 26 minutes 08 seconds. This achievement is nearly 13 minutes better than the old record.

The Neuschwander in the gym is specially designed for a world record run of 100km on a treadmill.  Photo: Runners World

The Neuschwander in the gym was specially designed for a world record run of 100km on a treadmill. Image: Runner’s World

Neuschwander is the world’s leading athlete in machine-running content. In March 2020, he set a world record for running on machines when he completed 50km with the achievement of 2 hours 57 minutes 25 seconds. But in 2020, this record is hit by two runners Matthias Kyburz and Tyler Andrews.

By October 2020, Neuschwander decided to drop Tyler Andrews’ record-breaking plan – 2 hours 42 minutes 51 seconds. Instead, he thought he would be more successful if he surpassed the 6 hour 39 minutes 25 seconds record run by Mexican-American athlete Mario Mendoza – set in June 2020.

“I was planning this run, because the place where I live is snow and icy. I don’t like daily running in cold and slippery temperatures. I choose to train on the treadmill in winter. I spend 10 to 12 weeks preparing, “Neuschwander said Runner’s World.

On average, a 39-year-old running foot accumulates from 96km to 130km. He helps support with cycling on the Zwift app and skiing. All long runs are done on the treadmill, in which there are two full marathon (42,195km), four 50km and two 60km. Neuschwander felt more confident in his ability to set a record as his 50km test ended six minutes faster than his own best.

Backed by Garmin and treadmill company H / P / Cosmos, Neuschwander opened a small gym near his home in Germany. The training area is designed to welcome fresh air and place three screens in front of the machine for athletes to entertain and motivate. He applied Squirrel Nut Butter wax to reduce blistering, put on On Cloudflow shoes and started the treadmill with Zwift software for a journey of more than 6 hours.

“The first half passed really quickly. On the screen, I watched comments, messages … from people watching the livestream and it helped me a lot. It got me past 60km. I know. This milestone is not easy because I tried it before. After this period, it is an undiscovered land, “said the German runner.

During most of the run, Neuschwander maintained a treadmill speed of about 15.6 km / h. However, when he reached the threshold from 75km to 85km, he suffered a cramp and slowed down to 15.1km / h – the slowest speed from the start. He refills the Maurten mixed drink every hour to replenish energy, water and relieve cramps.

Zwift application helps Neuschwander reduce boredom in the process of conquering records.  Photo: Red Bull

Zwift application helps Neuschwander reduce boredom in the process of conquering records. Image: Red Bull

At the last 10km, Neuschwander drank two more bottles of Red Bull mixed with water and accelerated to 17km / h. After 6 hours of continuous running, this acceleration makes athletes easily short of breath and slow speed. “I went down again to 15.6 km / h and then continuously going up and down. I wanted to run faster but I was afraid of cramps, so I slowed down. Last 10km, I ran all 36 minutes 05 seconds, “he shares.

Neuschwander comfortably hit the record and reached the finish line almost 13 minutes faster than the old record. He used to worry that he might stumble or fall to the floor when he finishes a run, but luckily he didn’t have to experience it.

“To me, running on the machine is not difficult. It is important that you have a fresh air. If you have that, your heart rate will drop. In the gym, we open a big door and it’s almost like running. out side”.

Guinness World Records observers – those who observed the effort, diary and eventually legalized the record – were unable to be at the site of the pandemic activity. This result is recorded in Neuschwander’s career record, but is an unofficial record. “A world record is always great, even though it’s unofficial,” he said.

In Germany, because of the epidemic, things are still shut down and Florian cannot celebrate a new record. He said he shared it with his wife and children and ordered two large-sized pizzas with two beers.

Because of the pandemic, the schedule of races around the world is not clear. Neuschwander planned to train for the 100km German championship this fall. He aims to run 100km in about 6 hours 24 minutes 29 seconds.

Neuschwander was born in 1981 in Saarland, Germany. This 1.67m tall athlete loves jogging since childhood. At the age of 15, he entered the first competition without training, wearing tennis shoes to run. Since then, he discovered a love of running and increased the distance to compete. In 2015 and 2016, he was the winner of the Wings for Life World Run award in Germany, reaching distances of 75.5km and 63.66km.

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