If you are a lover of the card game, you definitely cannot miss it fishing post. This game attracts you by the simple and extremely dramatic rules of the game. Therefore, play fishing cards has become the first choice of gamers. In this article, together with 12bet learn some information about this fascinating game!

What is fishing card?

Rules & How to play a basic fishing game for beginners

Fishing cards use 52 cards

Fishing cards Just like the genres real money card game other. The game uses 52 cards. Accordingly, each table must have enough from 2 to 4 people. At the same time at the beginning of the hand, each person will be issued 5 to 9 cards from the card holder.

The person who has the first right to hit first is the person who has won the previous game. The next hit order is clockwise and starts with the first one. After dealing, the card holder will take any 12 cards and turn face up. These are general cards.

With the uncovered leaves will be in the center of the table. Accordingly, you should use your experience to draw cards from the opponent and win for yourself.

Learn how to play the basics of Fishing

How to play fishing cards pretty simple. However, for newbies, you need to grasp some basic laws. This condition is also the factor that helps to bring you victory over online games in general and fishing card game in particular.

1 / Rules of playing fishing cards

Rules & How to play a basic fishing game for beginners

In a 3-person table, each person will have 8 cards in their hand

Regarding the law play fishing cards quite simple however there is a difference between a table of 2 people 3, a table of four people. Specifically, the different gameplay is as follows:

+ For tables of 2 people: In the 2-player table, each player is dealt 9 cards. The first player to go will have 10 cards. After the cards are dealt, the card holder will turn over 12 cards. At the same time, the remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table.

+ For 3-player table: If there are 3 people at the table, each person will have 8 cards in their hand. Whoever gets the right to hit first gets 9 cards. After that, the card owner will proceed to flip 12 cards. The rest of the leaves are placed in the venom in the center of the table.

+ For 4-player table: In a 4-player game, each person will be dealt 5 cards. The person with the first right to hit will be divided 6 trees. The card owner will also turn over 12 cards at random. And the remaining cards will be placed in the venom in the middle of the board.

Players who have the first right to hit the first get an additional card, which they use to exchange for 1 joint card. Then form a combination to match the remaining cards. The next participants will do exactly the same as above.

In the case of not being able to draw any of the 12 common cards revealed by the trump card, one card is required to draw from the venom. At the same time, another card must be cast and faced up to become a common card for others to draw.

If you draw a card in the pile and take a card from the deck, you will keep the whole deck. This play will be repeated until a win-loss result is determined.

Rules & How to play a basic fishing game for beginners

The first player has the right to play the first to own an additional card

However, you need to know the rules for taking cards: card A will eat 9, card 2 will eat 8, card 3 eat 7, card 4 eat 6, card 5 eat 5, card 10 eat 10, Leaf J eats J, Q eats leaves Q and K eats leaves K. In contrast, leaf 9 eats A, leaf 8 eats 2, 7 eats leaf 3 and 6 eats 4. At the same time, always remember to eat leaves only when cards of the same color and suit.

2 / How to calculate points in the fishing post

How to calculate points in the game play fishing cards pretty simple. Even if you are a novice, you can still easily calculate your score in that hand.

If there are no more cards on the hand then the game will be over and participants proceed to add points. For 10, J, Q, K cards will count as 10 points. The remaining cards will be counted by the same value as the number on the card.

In the case of a deck of cards A and 9 appear to be counted as 20 points and having 1 card A also counts as 20 points. The sum of the red and black cards is 0 points. The winner is the person with the highest score.

Rules & How to play a basic fishing game for beginners

The way of calculating points in the game of fishing is quite simple

Good fishing experience for newbies

Fishing cards There is a fairly simple gameplay. However, to achieve victory, brothers do not rely solely on luck. Instead, you should pocket yourself some smart play experience. Surely this will help you to have a lasting victory. Here are some tips that 12Bet players recommend!

1 / Understand the rules and how to play

The rules and how to play fishing cards are quite simple. However, if you do not find out, it will be difficult for you to win. Especially newbies. Only when you understand and understand the rules and how to play can you participate.

Moreover, if you do not know the rules, you will feel confused during the game. From there, you can make decisions that lead to mistakes or lose all the money you have.

2 / Study the other’s habits

This is one of the experiences that you cannot ignore when participating fishing card game. You need to observe and study carefully the opponent’s fighting style and habits to see how they play. Then will come up with specific tactics for yourself.

Usually, many people will have a habit of playing big cards first and keeping smaller cards. Or someone else does the reverse tactic. You only need to pay attention to observe a little to capture the opponent’s weakness. From there, take advantage of loopholes to get victory.

Once you have a grasp of your opponent’s playing style, you can now visualize their decks. Please calculate to hit so that it is reasonable. If you find that their cards are pretty, be careful and avoid being eaten by the opponent!

Rules & How to play basic fishing card game for beginners

Should study the opponent’s habits and find a strategy

3 / Actively deceive the opponent in a “messy” way

Of course, the opponent will also pay close attention to know your play style and weak point. In these situations, you should actively deceive the opponent in a way that shuffles the cards. You should not choose the big first, small first strategy but be flexible to combine both ways. This will confuse your opponent and fail to grasp your weaknesses.

In many situations, this card shuffling strategy also causes the opponent to be deceived and play the cards you are looking for. For players with higher hands, brothers need to be very careful. Do not just because a little subjective but to fall into the trap that they have set.

4 / Performing quick attack tactics, winning fast

Depending on the specific situation, you can choose a quick win. This strategy is performed if you observe and understand some of the opponent’s cards. In case, you find that their probability of winning is quite low, hitting fast and winning quickly will bring high efficiency. Furthermore, the opponent will not have a chance to turn back.

Playing tactics plays a very important role. They decide up to 90% chance of winning and only the remaining 10% depends on luck. If you have the same strategy but your play style is different from theirs, the victory can still come to you. Therefore, winning or losing also depends a lot on yourself.

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Fishing cards Bonus exchange is a game that many brothers love and choose today. The above article has provided you with some extremely attractive game information. At the same time tell you some playing experience that brings the best results. Wish you satisfy your passion as well as bring back attractive prizes!

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