AmericaMMA fighter Deante Brown turned 360 degrees, hit his head and knocked out Nathan Altland at 18th Beatdown event on May 10.

Brown's strike (right) surprised Altland.

Brown’s strike (right) surprised Altland.

Bronw’s sudden kick caused the Florida match to end at the beginning of the second half. Altland hit the head, collapsed to the floor and was unable to stand. The referee immediately stopped the match and decided Brown won the knockout.

“My arm was very tired in the second half, so I decided to hit with my feet. I could continue playing in the third, but want to win in the second,” Brown said of the hard strike after the game.

Martial artist rotated 360 degrees to shoot down the opponent

Brown has been practicing MMA for about six months, and his match against Altland is his first official match. This martial artist immediately stormed American social networking sites, when his beautiful knockout phase was programmed SportsCenter of the ESPN voted as typical sports situations of the week.

“I told my family and friends that I was born to play this sport. I want to inspire people to follow their dreams, no matter how difficult. You can do whatever you want. , if there is determination and will, “Brown added.

It is known that Brown has devised this difficult attack by himself and has practiced for many months. Even Coach Angel Pratt did not believe that the student performed such a perfect kick the first time he entered the octagon.

“Brown did it the first time he practiced. I told him to do it again, and said ‘if you can do that in the game it’s great.’ When Brown turned around in the second half, I did. knew he was going to do that. Until now, I was still hoarse from screaming too much, “recalled Mr. Pratt.

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