Cristinao Ronaldo became angry and had many restrained actions in the dressing room on April 11, after Juventus defeated Genoa 3-1 in Serie A round 30.

Juventus have three complete points, but Ronaldo is not happy. This match, the Portuguese superstar played actively, finishing six shots in 90 minutes, but did not score. At the start of the game, he was unbelievable with a kick that hit the post from less than a meter in an unaffected position and faced an empty goal.

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Ronaldo’s unbelievable food spoils before Genoa on April 11.

After the match, Ronaldo was mistaken for the scene where he took off the Juventus shirt and threw it away. But the incident was cleared up later when DAZN reporter Romeo Agresti confirmed that a boy who picked up the ball on the field asked for a shirt, so Ronaldo took it off and threw it.

However, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the angry Ronaldo is real. After entering the changing room, he got angry, punched the wall to relieve himself and then left without even saying a word to his teammates as well as the training staff.

The Italian newspaper confirmed that the 36-year-old was dissatisfied in Turin and was disappointed with the quality of the Juventus squad. Ronaldo wants the club to recruit at least two stars in the summer of 2021, including a striker capable of supporting him like Karim Benzema at Real before, and an assist midfielder, so that the team can compete for titles such as Champions League and Serie A next season.

Ronaldo did not hide his inhibitions after winning Genoa 3-1 on April 11.  Photo:

Ronaldo did not hide his inhibitions after winning Genoa 3-1 on April 11. Image:

However, Juventus cannot guarantee this due to financial difficulties, and Ronaldo’s future is even a big question mark. If Ronaldo wants to leave, Juventus will not try to keep and is willing to listen to any offer worth about $ 30 million for a player born in 1985. The biggest obstacle is that not many teams currently have enough talent. to pay Ronaldo’s salary, with about $ 36.5 million per year being held at Juventus.

According to Tuttosport, PSG is Ronaldo’s most potential stop. The French team will negotiate with the star each year to win the Golden Ball in case Kylian Mbappe refuses to extend his contract and leaves in the summer of 2021.

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