Le Quang Liem continuously competed, but did not turn the tide against Hikaru Nakamura in the quarterfinals of the New in Chess Classic online fast chess tournament April 29 morning.

Due to being led on the first quarter-finals of April 28, Quang Liem was forced to win on the second day to put the match into a series of tie-break lightning flags. Right from the first game of the second day, Quang Liem, holding the white army, consecutively attacked. He tested two more horses, cars, and statues, and then twice more, but still could not convert to victory. There was only one time he faced the victory, but the time was only seconds that made him miss the win. In the end, Nakamura took advantage of the opportunity to counterattack and won this game. That made Quang Liem have to win two of the remaining three games to bring the match into the tie-break.

Quang Liem (left) attacked heavily but was still unable to defeat Nakamura.  Photo: Chess24

Quang Liem (left) attacked heavily but was still unable to defeat Nakamura. Image: Chess24

Quang Liem drew only the next two games, and was disqualified with one game remaining. In the third game, there was a time when the HCM City player was better than two in the end, and had the winning advantage. But he could not take advantage of it and was compromised.

“Congratulate Hikaru with the interesting and talented match”, Quang Liem wrote on Twitter. “Good luck in the semifinals. Thank you to the organizers and everyone involved in the New in Chess Classic. I’ve had a great time playing the best players. I will continue to watch the games. at the tournament tomorrow “.

Nakamura reached the semi-finals against Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, while the other semi-finals took place between Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian.

New in Chess Classic is part of the Champions Chess Tour system organized by Carlsen’s company. This system has a prize fund of 1.5 million USD, and the prize for New in Chess Classic is 100,000 USD. Stop in the quarterfinals, Quang Liem received a prize of 5,000 USD.

Xuan Binh

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