Player Le Quang Liem finished sixth in the online Chessable Masters qualifying round on the morning of August 3, to reach the quarter-finals to meet the prodigy Alireza Firouzja.

After 15 quick round chess matches from July 31 to August 3, Quang Liem won four, drew ten and lost one match. His victory took place against female world champion Ju Wenjun (China), female Grandmaster Koneru Humpy (India), youngest Grandmaster in history Abhimanyu Mishra and world number eight player Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. . Quang Liem’s ​​defeat took place before the number one French player, Alireza Firouzja.

Quang Liem entered the quarterfinals of Carlsen's chess tournament for the second time.

Quang Liem entered the quarterfinals of Carlsen’s chess tournament for the second time.

Chessable Masters is the eighth stage of the Champions Chess Tour – the online chess tournament system for Chess King Magnus Carlsen initiated with a prize fund of 1.5 million USD. Due to busy playing in the World Chess Cup, Carlsen was absent from the Champions Tour for the first time. When many players are absent, the tournament also invites top female players such as Koneru or Cu, as well as awarding slots to Mishra. These three players participated in the tournament for the first time and finished in the last places.

Quang Liem earned nine points in 15 games, equal to Mamedyarov’s score, but Ho Chi Minh City player ranked above thanks to the secondary index. The sixth place helps Quang Liem meet the third place in the quarterfinals – Firouzja. The Iranian-born player transferred to the federation and received French citizenship from July 2021. Firouzja got 10.5 points in qualifying, and is ranked 13th in the world.

The remaining quarter-finals were played between Wesley So and Jorden van Foreest, Hikaru Nakamura and Vladislav Artemiev, Levon Aronian and Mamedyarov.

The quarter-finals will take place in two days on the morning of August 4 and August 5, Hanoi time. Every day, the players play four quick games of chess. If a player draws on both days, or each wins one day and loses the other day, they will play a blitz tie-break to compete for the next spot.

This is Quang Liem’s ​​third time attending the Champions Tour, and his second time in the quarterfinals. At New in Chess Classic in April 2021, Quang Liem lost to Hikaru Nakamura 0-2 in the quarterfinals.

Xuan Binh

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