AmericaThe loudest stage of the PGA Tour in Scottdale, Arizona will actively reduce the noise in an attempt to open the door to the audience while ensuring the epidemic room.

On November 30, Thunderbirds – the organizer of the Phoenix Open – confirmed not to change its plan to welcome the public from February 4 to February 7, 2021. But this time, they will limit the number of spectators entering the TPC Scottdale yard. Therefore, the size of the stands, especially in hole 16, par3, will be significantly reduced.

Compared to other events, even major in the annual PGA Tour calendar, the Phoenix Open is at the golf festival level. Because in addition to watching the peak golf with their own eyes, the audience is also immersed in the fun, partying atmosphere with beer and soft alcoholic drinks.

The grandstand at hole 16 will have only one floor left at the Phoenix Open 2021, instead of the three floors shown in the photo at the event earlier this year.  Photo: The Arizona Republic

The grandstand at hole 16 will have only one floor left at the Phoenix Open 2021, instead of the three floors shown in the photo at the event earlier this year. Image: The Arizona Republic

Every year, the week Phoenix Open receives more than 700,000 spectators. Particularly, the 16-style stadium attracts more than 20,000 people in four main rounds. This is a dream figure for other PGA Tour tournaments. But for the upcoming match, the 16-hole arena has only one floor instead of the usual three.

Since 2019, Thunderbirds has not announced the Phoenix Open’s field audience on the grounds that “quantity is no longer a primary goal and priority is charitable activities”. The organizers are currently working with local authorities and health authorities to determine a safe ceiling in terms of daily attendance, as well as specific prevention guidelines.

In recent weeks, the number of new Covid-19 cases in Arizona has increased with alarmingly. Last weekend, the University of Arizona’s Disease Monitoring Unit sent a letter to state health authorities, suggesting the enactment of a home detention ban and mandatory wearing of a mask in public in December. They also warned that if caught off guard, the epidemic would look like a “large scale fire without evacuation plans”.

“Everything is still going well. I have stopped predicting the future in Covid’s world. We understand health safety is the most important thing. But we want to welcome fans because this is Open for everyone”, Scott Jenkins – Executive Chairman of Phoenix Open 2021 – yesterday gave an update on the implementation of the award.

If all goes well, the Phoenix Open is the exception to a series of five PGA Tour events on the West Coast in a month, starting January 21, 2021. Of these, there have been two closed stages of the closed competition program, the remaining two tournaments are expected to deploy similarly.

Not just golf wants to welcome the public in Arizona. The Arizona Cardinals rugby team in the NFL Major had closed two matches at home, then opened the doors to the administrative staff and the player’s family to watch the third match. The team sent 1,200 spectators into the match on October 25, increasing to 4,200 in both November matches. But last week, they announced they would return to the caucuses when they met the Los Angeles Rams on December 6. guide from the Arizona State Health Authority.

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