AmericaMatthew Wolff left the Wyndham Championship after 36 holes but still received a million dollars by winning the Risk Reward Challenge (RRC) on this season’s PGA Tour.

Before the tournament, Wolff topped the RRC through 38 rounds with the biggest opponent being Louis Oosthuizen. However, the South African golfer dropped out of the tournament due to a neck injury. On August 13, Wolff qualified for the award for scoring a par-birdie on the 15th hole over two days. As a result, he finished first with a score of -1,105 – 1,105 under par.

RRC is a season long race with a million USD for the winner with a minimum of 40 rounds. In which, the Organizing Committee takes the average of the two best results at a predetermined hole (par4 or par5) at each tournament. The final results are based on the average of the RRC hole performance over 47 tournaments.

The RRC hole in the Wyndham Championship is a 545-yard par5 15th hole belonging to the Sedgefield Country Club. It has a water hazard that pulls from the front to the right of the green. The PGA Tour said that at this “stage”, 87% of the golfers participating in the tournament were able to get to the green on the second shot.

Wolff was delighted with a $1 million bonus despite having to leave the Wyndham Championship early.  Photo: USA Today

Wolff was delighted with the $1 million bonus despite having to leave the Wyndham Championship early. Photo: USA Today

“The PGA Tour has a lot of opportunities to make a lot of money. I’m still new to this arena, so all the rewards are useful. The last few months I knew I had a chance so I was quite nervous when I entered the pit. But I still hit the pit. good and won the final. I am happy for this achievement, “smiling Wolff told the media at the end of the second round of the Wyndham Championship. The tournament also ended the regular program of the PGA Tour 2020-2021, and summed up the Risk Reward Challenge (RRC).

At the beginning of this event with a $6.4 million prize fund, Wolff still has the opportunity to compete for a championship prize of $ 1,152 million. But after 36 holes, he had to leave the game because he only scored -1 on par70.

The top of the 54-hole table belongs to Russell Henley at -15. Henley led all the way from the start, maintaining his place with 69 strokes in the penultimate race. Following him are 13 players within five strokes of which Tyler McCumber is closest to -12.

Wolff has been on the PGA Tour since 2019, winning the 3M Open the same year he started playing. American golfer born in 1999 surprised experts with an unorthodox, but effective swing. He bounced a few times as he loaded the swing, lifted his heel first, pointed the clubhead in the air after that, followed the hook line and then came in right in the second half of the swing.

Wolff uses the driver in Rocket Mortgage Classic 2020

Wolff uses the driver in Rocket Mortgage Classic 2020.

Despite belonging to the “heretic faction” and this season resting his stick for two months to take care of his mental health, Wolff still received more than $ 2.5 million in prize money through 18 events.

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