Australian golfer Mark Hensby on June 11 actively reported the referee’s error to hit the ball “unfairly” at the Palmetto Championship of the PGA Tour in South Carolina.

The organization that governs the American golf arena announced Hensby’s action to promote integrity in golf on June 11. According to the rules, he received 10 more strokes in the opening round the day before. So Hensby went from 74 real shots to 84 par71 shots, and then dropped out.

“Mark’s action is commendable. It speaks to the dignity and integrity of golf,” commented Tournament Director Ken Tackett.

On the opening day, Hensby started from hole 1, using a Titleist Pro V1 ball to find the wrong ball on hole 8.

“I asked the caddy ‘where did the dot on the ball come from? It wasn’t there before? The producer just brought it in’. Caddie didn’t know either so I turned to my bandmates. They said the dot meant a feature. less vortex”. Without screening, the one I used when I entered was the same. Every little dot is different,” Hensby said.

Hensby informed referee Mike Peterson. According to the results of “tracing”, Hensby mistakenly took Pat Perez’s ball in the practice green and put it in his club bag before going into the game.

For the first three holes, Hensby used his own ball. To hole 4, he played into the water, had to drop the ball with a penalty stroke. And when he was freed, he used Perez’s ball.

This foul resulted in a penalty of two strokes per hole. Therefore, Hensby’s official scoreboard for holes 4-8 is triple bogey-bogey-double bogey-bogey-double bogey respectively. In hole 3, Hensby also “collapsed” – triple bogey. Before the application of the latest Golf Laws – 2019 version, golfers were penalized up to four strokes if they hit the wrong ball.

“Luckily Perez wasn’t as mistaken as I was,” Hensby said of the player regarding his personal negligence.

Hensby was on the bench, receiving tickets to the Palmetto Championship at the last minute – his second time on the PGA Tour in the past 3.5 years. With “good news” from the Organizing Committee, he departed last Sunday, driving continuously for 14 hours from Scottsdale, Arizona to San Antonio, Texas and then back to South Carolina. Hensby arrived at the match on the evening of June 9, tested for Covid-19 before the match the next morning.

Hensby was born in 1971, has only won once on the PGA Tour, and once won the European Tour trophy in his 26 years as a professional.

In late 2017, Hensby was suspended for a year on the PGA Tour. At the time, the governing body said he did not submit a doping sample as announced at the Sanderson Farms Championship. Hensby, on Golf Digest, corrected that he had reported the failure to immediately submit the sample due to urinary retention when entering the restroom in the field, and was approved by the appropriate department.

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