Filipino martial artist Manny Pacquiao urged racists to come and fight him, instead of attacking innocent and non-resistant Asians.

After the shootings on three spas in suburbs of Atlanta, the US, killing six Asian women on March 16, a series of sports stars posted on their personal pages, expressing outrage and calling end Asian hatred.

Pacquiao is the latest person to call for an end to hatred. “Let’s stop attacking the Asians who cannot defend themselves. Instead, come fight me. We all share the same bloodline. Stop discriminating. treatment, love and equality with all people, “the legendary Filipino martial artist wrote on Facebook April 1 with the hashtag StopAsianHate.

Pacquiao posted a call for protection of innocent and defenseless Asians on social media.

Pacquiao posted a call for protection of innocent and defenseless Asians on social media.

Before Pacquiao, four Grand Slam winner Naomi Osaka called on to love Asians. The star has a Japanese mother written on it Twitter March 28: “Love Asians like you love milk tea, anime cartoons, mochi cakes, matcha or sushi. Think about what you love, what benefits you from that culture. , before attacking those who contributed to them “.

Meanwhile, rugby star Taylor Rapp raises funds to raise money in support of Asians who have been attacked recently. “I am Asian American and this community means a lot to me. I want to help them by donating money. I feel it is my responsibility to use my name to try to help my community. me, and raise awareness about what’s going on, “the NFL star told the American Rugby League CNBC.

At the end of March, there were many anti-hate demonstrations of Asian origin across the United States, in the context of hatred as “pandemic”. According to the Center for Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, hate crimes against Asian Americans are up 149% in 2020 from the year before.

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