Online scratching post The game is quite simple, so it attracts a large number of participants. This game is suitable for many different subjects from kids to the elderly. Although it is mainly based on luck to win, you do need to pocket some useful experience. So what is the specific card game? And how to play to always win, then invite the same brothers 12bet we learn about the way of playing scratch cards always wins below!

What is a 3-card Scratch?

You must be wondering what scratch cards are and what types of play there are. The information below will definitely answer for you!

1 / The concept of scratching post

Scratch cards also known in English as three card poker. This game has many different names depending on the region. The South is called a rake, the North is a hit sacred articles online (scratch card) and in casinos, it is called Baccarat card. Besides, you can also see many different names such as: 3-card card, point card or scratch card.

Scratch card game is assessed on the principle of comparing scores between players or between players and the dealer. In each game, including the dealer, each side is dealt only 3 cards. This is also the reason why many people often call it with the name of the 3-card card. In addition, this also shows that the element of chance appears for the most part in this game.

Online scratching cards and How to play cards always wins extremely effectively

Scratch cards are also known in English as three card poker

2 / The gameplay of scratch cards

Traditional scratching cards are often known for two different ways of playing turtles and scratching cards. However, not everyone is aware of the information surrounding these concepts.

+ Turtle scratching post

The turtle scratching card is built on a card game that the biggest one will eat. This means that the participants pay the same amount of stake. If the hand is turned over, whoever gets the highest number of buttons will get the whole bet amount.

For the case of 2 people with the same number of buttons, the bonus amount will be split. If more than one player in a game has the same score, play another game to decide who wins.

+ Scratch cards

Like the name of the form play cash Hey, there’s a responsible person who works out what to do with the money. The rest of the participants are children. They will proceed against the dealer. When the final result is known, the dealer will pay the money, the winner receives the bet amount. In case of loss, you will have to give all bets to the dealer. If you already know the game of blackjack, this game is quite similar!

Rules of playing cards Scratching 3 cards

For any online game you need to understand the basic rules of the game. This will help you no longer be surprised to join. At the same time, it is easy to win.

Accordingly, an online scratching game the sum of all players’ money must be greater than the minimum bet on that game. Also, during the game, the system will automatically eliminate the person who lost the bet and only the amount below the minimum bet of that game.

Online scratching cards and How to play cards always wins extremely effectively

The rules of playing the 3-Card Scratch are quite simple and easy to play

In addition, each participant has only 10 seconds to decide whether to bet or not. The total bet amount must not exceed the average of the total house bet divided among the players.

Play scratch cards points in units. In case the sum of the scores of 3 cards is two digits (ie 10 points or more), the score will only be calculated by the number of units. For example, if the total score is 18, the number of nodes is calculated by 8.

How to calculate points in Scratch Cards

How to calculate the score in Scratch card game pretty simple. Here are details of what you need to know when playing!

1 / How to calculate specific points in playing scratch cards

At the start of the game online scratch cards, Each participant will be dealt 3 cards and will not have the right to draw any more cards. After 10 seconds of thinking, you bet and compare points. As follows:

  • The total score of the highest 3 cards will be 9 points and the lowest will be 0 points.
  • If your total score is greater than the dealer’s total, you win.
  • If your total score is lower than the dealer total you will be counted as a loss.
  • If the points are equal, you will draw neither money nor lose the house.
  • If your 3 cards have 3 cards J, Q, K whatever is called 3 rake or 3 photos will win even a maximum of 9 buttons.

Accordingly, the number of buttons of the player will be determined based on the total score of the 3 cards. Specifically, the number of buttons of the cards will be calculated as follows:

  • The Ace card counts 1 point
  • Cards from 2 to 10 will have the number of buttons corresponding to the number on the card
  • The cards J, Q, and K are also counted as 10 points
Online scratching cards and How to play cards always wins extremely effectively

Each player is dealt 3 cards and has no right to draw any more cards

2 / The special points calculation

In addition to the basic scoring method, you need to grasp the following notes. As follows:

+ Wax (Hall): is understood as 3 identical cards and arranged in order from small to large: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. Simultaneously, the value of a suit is calculated according to the value of the cards. Thus, the Ace wax set will have the highest value.

+ Lieng: It is a set of 3 cards lying adjacent to each other regardless of suit. In the scratch card, the highest and smallest Q, K, A cards are A, 2, 3. The value of the Lieng card is also calculated according to the value of the cards like Sap.

+ Brazil: also known as 3 pictures or 3 pictures. This concept is used to refer to a deck of three cards with the figure of a man, J, Q, or K. In particular, no matter what cards these three cards are of equal value. together.

Online scratching cards and How to play cards always wins extremely effectively

Some special ways to calculate points in scratch card game

How to play 3-card Scratch Cards online at 12bet

Scratch card game attracting a large number of participants nowadays at the 12bet house. Now, you can completely experience the game very interesting with the following very simple steps:

Step 1: Sign in

Login to the game is required when you want to participate in the game. If you already have an account at 12bet’s official homepage, you just need to select the “login” item in the upper right corner of the screen. Next to it will be the account name, password and security code. You enter all the information and click “login” to start participating. However, always make sure your phone or computer is connected to a stable network source for the best experience!

Online scratching cards and How to play cards always wins extremely effectively

Sign in to your account to start participating in the game

For brothers who are participating for the first time and do not have an account, they must register for an account. You just need to access the link below, then the system will go straight to the account registration page. You just need to fill in the information that the dealer requires and choose “send” to complete the operation.

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Step 2: Select the game Bai Scratch

Once you have logged in to the 12bet dealer, you can now choose your desired game. On the toolbar with different categories, select the P2P category. Next select the card game. Next, you choose to enter the table to start the game.

Online scratching cards and How to play cards always wins extremely effectively

Select the scratch card game to start the game

Step 3: Place a bet

When you have selected the table, you choose to choose the bet section to choose the amount you want to bet. Finally select the “bet” option. Now, you can start playing and waiting for the results to bring attractive rewards!

Experience and techniques of scratching cards always win

Not only need to know scratching technique that you should have experience when participating. This will help you become more confident during the game and bring in attractive bonuses. Here are the tips accumulated by the top players at 12bet over the years!

1 / Use your mind to judge correctly

Scratch cards depends a lot on the element of luck, but to win as well as bring back a large amount of money is not easy. Accordingly, you need to use your mind and intelligence to make the most accurate judgment. This will contribute to increase the winnings for those who only depend on the luck factor.

Use your eyes to observe and quick thinking to know the other person’s actions. Through that, you will also partly guess which cards others have in hand.

Online scratching cards and How to play cards always wins extremely effectively

Use your mind to make accurate judgments when playing games

2 / Choose a table with players with more capital

You can make money from others by going to the table with people who bet more. Thus, the table will take place for a longer time as well as provide more money for you from opponents.

3 / Outline specific and detailed play plans

When participating in the scratch card game, you need to plan out specific and detailed plans and strategies. According to the experience of the top players at 12bet divide into 3 hands to play. Doing so will help you to not get too caught up with the loss of temper as well as major mistakes.

Besides, you should not mentally lose too much want to remove the gauze but increase the bet amount compared to the original plan. This will make the brothers lose even more. Instead, if you lose, you should still bet the same amount as originally planned. However, if luck is coming, do not hesitate to put the full amount to increase the bonus. Even if you are winning, you should only play in groups of 3 to 4 games and get back with the original money!

4 / Always keep calm while playing

Many people think that only real games need to stay calm, but playing online is no exception. This is one of the factors that bring you victory. Whether you hold the high or low hand in hand, you still have to keep your mind very calm.

Online scratching cards and How to play cards always wins extremely effectively

Always keep calm while playing games

At the same time, a stable mentality helps you see the trap that the other person has set. Moreover, if you calm down, the opponent will be confused and reveal loopholes. Remember this is an indispensable factor when playing scratching post at the 12bet house!


The above article has summarized some information for you scratching post as well as the way the card game always wins extremely effectively at the 12bet dealer. Hope you guys have pocketed for yourself useful knowledge and won the biggest bonus!

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