Khanh HoaWith a swing in the last centimeters, Le Nguyet Minh overtook Nguyen Tan Hoai to win the leg from Phu Yen to Nha Trang at noon 24/4.

The 17th stage of the trans-Vietnamese bicycle tournament – HTV 2021 Television Cup – continued to witness continuous attacks right after the referee raised the flag. Each team has its own important goal, contributing to an exciting race on the 132km route.

Like the previous stages, the Dong Nai crew actively controlled the track to protect Loic Desriac’s Yellow Shirt. Meanwhile, Dong Thap racers actively assemble machines, pull the group to the end of a group to create opportunities for Nguyen Tan Hoai and Tran Tuan Kiet to promote their sprinting knack.

However, when 500 meters away from the destination, the main “tractors” of Dong Thap were tired, and taking the opportunity, the two Ho Chi Minh City crews rose up, creating speed to bring Le Nguyet Minh back to sprint with Tan. Hoai, Tuan Kiet and Trinh Duc Tam.

Nguyet Minh and Tan Hoai surpassed each other. Near the finish line, the Ho Chi Minh City New Group trail was still a bit behind and seemed to lose. But in the last centimeters, Nguyet Minh suddenly pressed the pedal and pushed the car forward, overtaking Tan Hoai in a split second to win the first place.

Le Nguyet Minh (No. 11, green shirt from right to right) pushes the car ...

Le Nguyet Minh (No. 11, green shirt from right to right) pushes the car …

... to overcome opponent Tan Hoai (green shirt from left) at the destination.  Photo: Van Thuan.

… to overcome opponent Tan Hoai (green shirt from left) at the destination. Image: Van Thuan

“I am very excited with this victory,” the Hoc Mon driver shared after the finish line. “Today is an arduous race when I have to climb the pass and the wind is high, the sun is hot. At the finish line, the opponents constantly besieged me, so I am very pleased that I have won them.”

The time of the leg is 3 hours 21 minutes 24 seconds, the average speed is 39,325km / h.

Before the choking finish in Nha Trang, the team also witnessed a thrilling race to the top of Ca Pass. Temporarily guarding the Yellow Shirt race with Loic Desriac (Dong Nai), Javier Perez attacked the title of Red-Dot Austria and Ho Chi Minh City’s Vinama team succeeded when reaching the top of Ca Pass first. However, Nguyen Pham Quoc Khang (Dong Nai) also excelled in second place, so he defended the title of mountain climbing king after the 17th stage. However, the race still had a number of great passes waiting to conquer on the remaining stage, all possibilities of subversion are possible.

Javier Perez (Vinama Ho Chi Minh City) needs to top Ca Pass, narrowing the Red Shirt score.  Photo: Van Thuan.

Javier Perez (Vinama Ho Chi Minh City) hit the top of Ca Pass first, narrowing the Red Shirt score. Image: Van Thuan.

With the team finishing in the crowd, the titles after 17 races have not changed. The Yellow Shirt still belongs to Loic Desriac. Green Shirt in the hands of Nguyen Tan Hoai. The White Shirt is held by Le Hai Dang. Bikelife Dong Nai leads the bronze title, second place Vinama HCMC and third Dong Thap.

Tomorrow 25/4, the riders competed for the 129-kilometer long route from Khanh Hoa to Ninh Thuan with Vinh Hy Pass counted as the Red-dot-king climber.

The 2021 Television Cup competition through Vietnam has a total prize fund of nearly 2 billion VND – the largest in history. 15 domestic teams participate, compete on a total route of 2,450 km through 22 stages. The race departs from Cao Bang on April 6, and then finishes at the Independence Palace, Ho Chi Minh City on April 30.

Due to Covid-19, this year’s Television Cup cannot invite foreign racing teams. But the tournament still has two veterans in Vietnam for a long time, Javier Sarda Perez (HCMC) and Loic Descriac (Dong Nai).

Nguyet Minh won the match in the Television Cup - 3

Dong Huyen

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