Virtual cycling tournament “Ride safe, stay safe” attracted nearly 2,600 participants after 3 weeks of opening registration.

Right in the first time held, the virtual cycling tournament has received the attention and participation of a large number of sports lovers across the country. The tournament opens registration gates until the end of July 20.

Of the nearly 2,600 people who signed up for the virtual cycling challenge, male athletes made up a high percentage of 77%. The number of distance choices 300 km and 150 km accounts for over 50%. These are average performance levels for athletes, including novices, who cycle about 10 km on average during the race. In particular, one of the most challenging distances, 1,000 km, also has nearly 130 people registered.

Athletes can register

V-Race “Run safe, stay safe” here.

Not only welcoming athletes to take part in individual challenges, “Ride safe, stay safe” attracts many cycling clubs across the country. In the collective category, Cao Cao Adventure, Sai Gon Vong Vong are the clubs with the largest number of participants.

Due to the impact of the epidemic and the social distancing situation in many places, the free registration portal will last until the end of July 20. Participants can then officially take up the challenge within 20 days from July 21 to August 11.

People cycle around Hoan Kiem Lake.  Photo: Giang Huy.

People cycle around Hoan Kiem Lake. Image: Giang Huy.

With seven distances of 50 km, 150 km, 300 km and 500 km, 1,000 km, 2,000 km and 2,500 km, athletes have 22 days to complete or exceed the registration goal.

“Ride safe, stay safe” is the first virtual cycling tournament on VnExpress’s platform for V-Race sports lovers. The tournament took place in the context of Covid-19 with many complicated developments across the country, the number of infections increased for many consecutive days, and sports lovers’ training activities had to be halted. Many people have found suitable individual sports to improve their own health and cycling is one of them. That’s why “Ride safe, stay safe” was organized with the desire to open up a space to inspire exercise and cycling passion for everyone.

Participants need to install the strava app and connect to the V-Race platform to be recognized for their achievements during the “Ride safe, stay Safe” challenge. Athletes are not limited to the number of times they cycle, as long as they accumulate enough registered kilometers, in the range of 12 to 45km/h.

After completing the challenge, participants will receive an electronic certificate and an electronic medal to save a good memory of a training journey.

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