24 hours after opening the gate, the “Ride safe, stay safe” prize reached nearly 1,300 registrations, attracting many large cycling communities.

The above statistics are as of 12 noon on June 24. For the first time, the virtual cycling tournament on the V-Race platform of VnExpress received a response from the sports community.

Of the nearly 1,300 registered users, the number of 300km and 500km accumulation levels accounted for more than 50%. This is also a moderate distance for many beginners, averaging about 10 km per day.

Athletes can register for V-Race “Run safe, stay safe” here.
Many people look to cycling as a method of personal training during the epidemic season.

Many people look to cycling as a method of personal training during the epidemic season. Image: Diem Dang Dung.

The free registration portal of the tournament will be open until 0:00 on July 15, then participants can officially take up the challenge from July 16. With seven distances of 50km, 150km, 300km, 500km, 1000km, 2000km and 2,500km, athletes have 22 days to complete or exceed the registration goal.

“Ride safe, stay safe” offers the opportunity to participate in a virtual but exciting race for cycling lovers. Athletes are not limited to the number of cycling times, as long as they accumulate enough registered kilometers, in the range of 12 to 45km/h.

Tran Minh (Cau Giay, Hanoi), a participant of the 1,000 km challenge of “Ride safe, stay safe” said, he plans to cycle about 50km a day to complete the goal. “Even though it’s a virtual prize, I can still feel the thrill of having to work hard to complete a challenging goal in 22 days.”

Held in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic still having many complicated developments across the country, this V-Race campaign is aimed at promoting the spirit of cycling and health training which is popular in the community. At the same time, cycling ensures strict implementation of safety measures during the epidemic season. Athletes visit here to register.

With each person’s cycling path different, experiencing different weather and scenery for each individual, all can still work towards a common goal of both exercising their own health and participating in sports. fight against the epidemic with the community.

Pham An

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