In addition to the Northern groups such as Ho Lap Team, 88 Runners, the Hanoi Night Tournament 2021, there was also the presence of Binh Duong Runners Club.

Ho Lap Team – a familiar club at VnExpress Marathon said that it has selected the athletes with the best performance for the Teams category at the 2021 Hanoi night run. Mobilize and finalize 23 official names by the end of this March.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ha, a member of the management board, said this is a set of running legs with the best PR (personal record). Some people reach sub 3:30 full marathon distance (under 3 hours and 30 minutes). Out of the 27 athletes, there are 9 female runners with many years of experience running, a full marathon achievement averaging 4 hours and 15 minutes. The club is also considering forming a second team when there is a sufficient number of athletes.

“Whether you have a prize or not, before now, the identity of Ho Lo Team was to run together, show your team spirit. Maybe you don’t get the best, but running is a must,” said Nguyen Xuan Ha.

Ho Lap Team (white - red shirt) with clubs in an event running towards the Central.

Ho Lap Team (white – red shirt) with the clubs in an event running towards the Central in October 2020.

Ho Lap Team was born in August 2018 after a run through Vietnam. The name Ho Lak team originates from the main training area in the central lake of Thanh Xuan Park. Due to the road running around the lake unfinished construction, making people unable to complete a round but having to turn their head around, it is called Ho Lo. By the end of 2019, the lake side road with a length of 1.3 km will be completed, but the members of the group still keep the old habit of not running all the way around, but “flipping” to the right end of the lake.

Last year, the marathon community knew that Ho Lo Team is a club with many Pacer, Crew doing the task of supporting in big tournaments. According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ha, most members have had 2 years or more of running experience. “We want to use our experience to give back support to the new entrants, grateful to the community,” said Mr. Ha. In addition to running hours, the group also organizes volunteer and relief programs in areas hit by natural disasters.

Come from Vinh Phuc, the group 88 Runners also brought to the table the strongest team, the Team competition at VM Hanoi Midnight. Specifically, 23 members all have good personal achievements, including runner Vu Thi Hong, ranked first 21 km under 30 at VnExpress Marathon Hue 2020.

A long running run of 88 Runners.

A long running run of 88 Runners.

Mr. Le Trung Dung, founder of the club, said 88 Runers participated with the highest spirit of competition. The group has targeted 42 km of running legs for a minimum of 4 hours and 1 hour 55 for 21 km. This result, according to Mr. Dung, can be in the top 5.

“We have a detailed training plan for the members, both to improve their skills and prepare for night runs. About the next 2 months, the club will hold the graduation of the HM course for the current participant” , Mr. Dung shared.

Established for over a year, 88 Runner operates mainly in Vinh Phuc province with the original core of well-known athletes. The club has about 300 people, from areas with strong movements such as Phuc Yen city and Vinh Yen. The weekly training sessions are attended by about 60 people.

88 Runners also play a role in initiating the jogging movement in Vinh Phuc, bringing together many people from different industries and ages to participate. Some large enterprises and local FDI enterprises have since also organized running programs for their employees.

Coming from the south, Binh Duong Runners Club is also predicted to be a strong opponent in this Team Tournament. At VM Hanoi Midnight, at first the group had 10 people registered. When they heard about the opening of the Teams category, nearly 20 more people enrolled and set a goal for the top 3.

The massive achievements of Binh Duong Runners Club at VnExpress Marathon Hue 2020.

The massive achievements of Binh Duong Runners Club at VnExpress Marathon Hue 2020.

Mr. Huynh Thai Loc, club manager, said six of these members were running under 1 hour and 20 minutes at a distance of 21km. Meanwhile, the 42 km team is expected to finish with an average time of 3 hours and 15 minutes. This BDRC achievement is the best among the clubs that have registered for the Team competition at VM Hanoi Midnight so far.

At VM Quy Nhon 2019, BDRC ranked first in the Team category. A year later, the club won 7 individual awards, including the final first place by Le Van Tuan. Coming to VM Hue 2020, BDRC has 8 individual awards, with the top 4 people in different age groups and distances. Also at VM Midnight Hanoi, although participating with a modest number of athletes, the group also won 2 awards, including a first prize over the age of 40, distance 21 km.

“Over the years, VnExpress Marathon has new features, creating surprises for runners. Especially, the prize structure opens up opportunities for amateur athletes, which are highly appreciated”, commented Mr. Huynh Thai Loc.

Thanh Duong

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