VirtueGerman MMA fighter Niko Samsonidse was injured when he kicked the tower to destroy Mohammed Sadok Trabelsi during the featherweight championship match on May 24.

Samsonidse broke his leg while kicking Trabelsi

The competition within the framework of National Fighting Championship 3 in Krefeld, Germany ended quickly. At the beginning of the second half, Samsonidse launched two kicks, respectively with his right and left foot, to destroy the opponent’s tower. The first kick was inaccurate, and the second kick seriously injured the 26-year-old boxer.

After kicking with his left foot, Samsonidse showed pain and fell to the floor. Trabelsi immediately rushed to deliver the finishing blow to the opponent, but he was startled to stop when he saw Samsonidse’s leg was broken.

The referee immediately stopped the game, and called the medical staff to take care of Samsonidse. Meanwhile, Trabelsi showed panic when he kept walking around in the octagon with his head, and went to visit his colleagues.

The referee stopped the game so that medical staff could give Samsonidse first aid.

The referee stopped the game so that medical staff could give Samsonidse first aid.

Samsonidse received first aid at home, before being taken out of the stadium on a stretcher. The German boxer, therefore, broke the circuit of six consecutive victories, and lost the temporary belt to his compatriot Trabelsi.

Samsonidse is the third boxer to break his leg after kicking an opponent’s tower in just the past month. On April 24, former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman suffered a similar injury in his match against Uriah Hall at the UFC 261 event. On May 9, kickboxer Adam Wisniewski also broke his leg when kicking Vadim Shablevskyi’s pillar in the match. main match of the Krwawy Sport event in Warsaw, Poland.

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