AmericaRicardo Dias struck a deadly blow to knock out George Garcia at the LFA 107 event in South Dakota on May 15.

The match was judged to be evenly matched when both boxers had a record of nine wins – four losses. But when the bell rang, Dias overpowered. The Brazilian boxer knocked the opponent down at the beginning of the first half. Garcia successfully fought back and brought the situation to a standstill.

Dias kept up the pressure and delivered the decisive blow 20 seconds into the second round. Taking advantage of Garcia’s opening situation when attacking, Dias launched a heavy right hook that caused the opponent to fall to his knees. While Garcia was still stunned, Dias rushed to perform a knee-jerk hit in the face, causing the opponent to collapse and could not get up.

Ricardo Dias got on his knee to knock George Garcia out

The referee immediately stopped the match and awarded Dias a knockout victory. This was Dias’ third win in a row, and his sixth in the last seven fights. Meanwhile, Garcia received his second defeat, after a streak of five victories.

Dias’ knock-out was considered perfect, as he struck just as Garcia had just lifted his knee from the ring. According to LFA rules, a boxer cannot use his foot to impact the face when the opponent has three points of contact with the floor. The slow-motion scene shows, Garcia gets on his knee shortly after Garcia lifts his knee off the ring. Therefore, the Brazilian boxer’s attack is valid.

“Dias had a horrible knee-jerk situation knocking out his opponent in the main match at LFA 107 event”, page Mmajunkie comment.

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