AmericaAmerican boxer Shane Burgos fell back after taking a stance, creating conditions for Edson Barboza to win by knockout at UFC 262 on May 15.

The match in Texas was judged on balance. Barboza has 21 wins – 9 losses in the previous 30 fights, and Burgos has 13 wins through 16 competitions.

Reality has proven that, when the game is balanced. The two fighters kept switching blows, but neither of the endings was heavy enough to knock the opponent down.

Burgos lost by knockout because he fell while defending

The difference only came in the third round, when Barboza had two hooks, left and right, that hit Burgos in the face. The 30-year-old American boxer seemed stunned by the situation, although he was still able to stand. But then, while taking a stance, Burgos fell backwards and lay motionless on the floor.

Barboza immediately rushed to throw two more punches to the opponent’s face, before the referee intervened to separate the two fighters, and judge the Brazilian boxer to win by knockout.

“I really don’t get it,” Barboza said after the game. “I was surprised, even though I knew I had the right hit. But something happened, and he fell to the floor. And I thought to myself, ‘It’s time to finish the game.’ I need to. I replayed the slow-motion situation, because I didn’t understand what happened either. I had the right hook right, but I don’t remember it very well.”

Barboza in an accurate blow to Burgos' face.  Photo: USA Today

Barboza in an accurate blow to Burgos’ face. Image: USA Today

This is Barboza’s first knockout victory in more than two years, since knocking out Dan Hooker in December 2018. “I’m very happy with this win. I think it’s the best fight tonight. I feel healthy in this division having won all three featherweight fights. I’m ready for other featherweight fighters. “, the 35-year-old boxer added.

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