SingaporeMongolian martial artist Shinechagtaga Zoltsetseg was sentenced to a defeat by a kick on the neck of Japanese rival Yoshiki Nakahara at the ONE on TNT 2 event on April 15.

The boxer received a red card for launching a dangerous blow

Zoltsetseg played better in the first half. In the last 10 seconds, the Mongol boxer pressed the opponent towards the fence and then repeatedly hit hard, but could not knock out the opponent.

In the second half, Nakahara played better and got a Zoltsetseg leg lock. 24-year-old boxer repeatedly launched punches to escape, but failed. Finally, Zoltsetseg kicked Nakahara in the neck.

As a rule, boxers are not allowed to kick opponents in the face while touching the floor. So, referee Olivier Coste stopped the game on the grounds that Zoltsetseg violated the law. After consulting with the supervisors, he withdrew a red card and defeated the Mongolian boxer.

Zoltsetseg bowed to leave after being shown a red card by the referee Coste.  Photo: ONE Championship

Zoltsetseg bowed to leave after being shown a red card by the referee Coste. Image: ONE Championship

Zoltsetseg accepted the referee’s decision and apologized to his Japanese opponent. “I feel very sorry for Nakahara, I want to apologize to him. At that time, I just wanted to turn around and it was all an accident. I tried to turn quickly to get out of the locked position. , and when I tried to shoot fast, an accident happened, “he said after the match.

Before that, Eddie Alvarez also received a red card and was defeated for a series of violations against the back of Iuri Lapicus in the ONE Championship match on the evening of April 7. This decision by referee Justin Brown caused a lot of controversy, because there were many opinions that Alvarez accidentally punched Lapicus in the back of the neck, not intentionally breaking the law.

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