RussiaAbdul-Malik Saidulaev was seriously injured when receiving a lock and was knocked down by Rustambek Nurzhanov at the ACA: Young Eagles tournament on July 24.

Saidulaev (right) before the moment Nurzhanov fell and broke his arm.

Saidulaev (right) before the moment Nurzhanov fell and broke his arm.

The match in Chechnya, Russia ended quickly. In the first minute, Nurzhanov grabbed Saidulaev by the body and knocked him down. The strong landing phase and wrong posture caused Saidulaev to break his right arm.

When he saw that his opponent was seriously injured, Nurzhanov immediately let go of Saidulaev and held his head in fear. The referee also signaled to stop the match and asked the medical team to enter the octagon to take care of the Russian boxer.

Saidulaev, therefore, was awarded a technical knockout. Meanwhile, Nurzhanov received his first defeat in his professional MMA career, after winning the first nine fights.

Abdul-Malik Saidulaev broke his arm after being knocked down

On May 16, the MMA martial arts village witnessed a similar injury, when former Strikeforce middleweight champion Ronaldo Souza was knocked out and broke his arm after the squeeze of junior boxer Andre Muniz at the UFC 262 event.

After the match, Muniz said he heard Souza’s arm breaking, and took the initiative to loosen the locking lever. The boxer said: “I heard the snap. I relaxed the blow, out of respect for Souza, and knew I would hurt him more if I didn’t let go. Souza has been an idol since I was a kid. Hy Hope he recovers soon.”

The loss to Muniz extended Souza’s losing streak to four fights, causing him to run out of hopes of staying in the UFC. The 41-year-old boxer has had a successful surgery and is enjoying his summer vacation with his family.

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