AmericaWith scores from three guest referees are 76-76, 79-73, 76-80, Mike Tyson and Jones Jr. be settled in the match of the performance on the evening of November 28.

The scores of three referees awarded two boxers.  However, this result is for reference only, not the official result.

The scores of three referees awarded two boxers. However, this result is for reference only, not the official result.

Representative of the organizers announced Mike Tyson was a draw with Roy Jones Jr. after eight innings. Each person wins four innings, and the overall score is 76-76. However, as announced before, this is not an official result because the match is for performance only and there is no win or loss.

The three guest referees also agreed with the results from the organizers. One person gave a tie, one gave Tyson a win (79-73), and the other let Jones win (89-76). All of these ratings are in line with how the game was played out. Tyson actively attacks, launching more punches, but Jones is the fighter who controls the pace of the game. He knows how to neutralize the stormy attack of the heavyweight boxing legend.

According to the CBS Sports, Mike Tyson raised $ 10 million, and Roy Jones Jr. receive $ 3 million after the game. This amount could be higher, up to $ 20 million per person, if the “pay-per-view” television royalties (see what they pay) reach the organizers’ prediction. Before the game, Tyson revealed on Twitter, that the number was a record high in the past five years. He also plans to use the entire prize money for charity.

Mike Tyson drew points when he returned to the ring

As the main card match of a four-hour boxing event called “Frontline Battle” hosted by Legends Only League, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr give fans the first-time experience of watching top boxers compete. how in the late afternoon. The match also becomes special because it takes place in an off-field pitch, and the audience is forced to watch it indirectly via television or the Internet.

Although the match was only eight in length, two minutes each and using 12oz heavy gloves, the progress in nearly half an hour did not satisfy viewers. Tyson actively attacked right after the opening gong, cornered his opponent in the corner of the ring, and many times made Jones stagger. Without a physical advantage, like most Tyson fighters before, Jones struggled to maintain his distance to escape the siege from Tyson.

Mike Tyson (right) hits Jones.  Photo: USA Today Sports.

Mike Tyson (right) hits Jones. Image: USA Today Sports.

In the second half, Jones moved more actively. Whenever cornered in the ring, the boss rushed to hug Tyson, or ducked early to dodge the blow. This clever move tactic gives Jones a straight, mid-face “Mike of Steel” punch, but lacks the energy to knock Tyson down.

In the historic ear-biting with Evander Holyfield, Tyson was prepped on the opponent’s head and repeatedly hit the face, losing his temper. At the show on the evening of November 28, “Mike Steel” also stumbled upon this tricky style. During the eight matches, Tyson’s punches were always double that of Jones. He did everything he could to facilitate the back-hand, but Jones’s quick jabs made Tyson’s attempts to press close.

Tyson (left) and Jones in pre-match weights.

Tyson (left) and Jones in pre-match weights.

From the fifth round, the physical strength of the two boxers declined. Tyson no longer hit as fast as the first three. To deal with, he “of course monopolizes”, many times hugged Jones and then made abdominal hooks. If at peak times, Tyson will often cause the opponent to loosen their defenses, and take the chance to knock-out from this weapon. However, at the age of 54, “Mike Steel” is nowhere near a three-year-old opponent.

Before the decisive eighth half, Tyson gasped, hoping to finish the match but failed. For the last 30 seconds, Tyson and Jones almost leaned against each other to stay on the ring. The two elders left each other, and it took more than five minutes to regain their breath, before joining the post-match interview.

The prize of the match for two boxers, is the WBC Frontline Battle belt awarded by the World Boxing Council (WBC).

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