According to karate expert Jesse Enkamp, ​​Mike Tyson became the most feared martial artist in boxing history thanks to mastering the technique in karate.

“Mike Tyson is a karate master. Traditional boxing is very similar to karate, both of them play without any protection or rules. As I used to say, don’t be a good fighter, But be the smartest boxer, ”said Enkamp, ​​a karate expert, on his personal Youtube channel.

Enkamp talked about Mike Tyson’s defense back in the tower. American boxers often keep their distance, raise their hands up in a “peekaboo” style to dodge the opponent’s punches, while waiting for the opportunity to strike.

Tyson in a blow to Trevor Berbick.  Photo: AP

Tyson in a blow to Trevor Berbick. Image: AP

However, Jay Elder, a boxing coach, disagrees with Enkamp’s statement. “Tyson was super fast, he was bouncing in the ring and then all of a sudden he threw his punches. I never saw this in karate. Tyson kept distance from the opponent just like a habit in karate Because in karate you need to be upright and a lot of space to hit kicks. But in boxing, boxers don’t need to use their feet. That’s the difference between big karate and boxing, “said Elder. .

Mike Tyson is one of the best punchers in boxing history. The boxer, nicknamed “Mike Steel”, holds the record for being the youngest person ever to win a major (WBC, WBA and IBF) at the age of 20, 4 months and 22 days. He has been hanging up gloves since 2005, after losing three of his last four games.

On November 28, 2020, Tyson returned when he had a performance match with Roy Jones Jr. With scores from three guest referees are 76-76, 79-73, 76-80, Mike Tyson and Jones Jr. be dealt with. Follow CBS Sports, Mike Tyson raised $ 10 million, and Roy Jones Jr. receive $ 3 million after the game.

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