Argentina captain Lionel Messi did not hide his excitement when calling his wife Antonella Rocuzzo Facetime after the Copa America final

Immediately after the award ceremony on the Maracana field, Messi held the gold medal in his hand, held it up in front of the phone to show it to Antonella and his sons in his hometown of Argentina. The 34-year-old striker clenched his fists, repeatedly shouting “Let’s go, let’s go”.

Messi called Facetime to share his happiness with his wife

Messi calls Antonella.

After that, Messi continued to sit on the grass of the Maracana field to call to share the joy with his father – Jorge. During the time Messi talked with his relatives, a happy smile was always on his face.

Messi smiles as he sits alone to call Jorge's father.  Photo: Copa America

Messi smiles as he sits alone to call Jorge’s father. Image: Copa America

The final of the Copa America 2021 saw Messi the happiest in many years. When the final whistle sounded, the Argentina captain knelt down on the field, holding his face in tears. Messi’s hands clenched, then punched in the air as if to relieve the pressure.

Messi was then channeled by his teammates, launching into the air like a hero. In fact, Messi plays very well in this tournament. He scored four goals, assisted five times despite not speaking in the final.

Messi cries after winning the Copa America 2021

Messi hugs his face emotional after winning the Copa America.

On the morning of July 11, Argentina defeated Brazil 1-0 in the final to win the Copa America 2021. Angel di Maria was the only one to score with a classy ball. Messi, along with his former teammate Neymar, were awarded the best player award by the organizers.

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