According to Rory McIlroy, the “anti-hit” program in professional golf is a huge waste of time and money.

McIlroy is second in terms of starting distance on the PGA Tour, averaging 321.7 yards. He said the study by the American Golf Association (USGA) and Royal & Ancient (R&A) was a waste of time and money, because it only affected 0.1% of the “golf population”.

“By looking at them with tiny lenses, the lawmakers are trying to change things that only concern 0.1 percent of the golf community – professional level players. Meanwhile, the other 99.9 percent. Play for fun and entertainment. They don’t need to be told about the bat and ball, “McIlroy said Golf Channel on February 3.

McIlroy argues that the new USGA and R&A rules do not affect the majority of the golfing public.  Photo: AP

McIlroy argues that the new USGA and R&A rules do not affect the majority of the golfing public. Image: AP

“We have to make it the easiest to play, most accessible for the majority. To be honest, I think studying the real distance takes time and money. These investments would have been more helpful if it were to support program to develop players, promote young golf I heard USGA CEO Mike Davis explain that the purpose of the research is to protect golf for the next hundred years, but this is not the way. It has nothing to do with other things that need to be done in the golf world. Must be from the roots, “added the Irish golfer.

On February 3, McIlroy was present at a virtual press conference hosted by PGA Tour ahead of the Waste Management Phoenix Open event in TPC Scottdales, Arizona. As the program coordinator had just finished his closing remarks, McIlroy said, “Why didn’t anyone ask me about golf equipment?”. The organizers agreed to add more time, former world number one crossed hands and said: “I can stay all day talking about this issue”.

And McIlroy began to show harsh opinions about the anti-long attack plan announced by USGA and R&A on 2/2. This draft follows the research results of “Distance Insights Report” announced by two international golf development and management organizations nearly a year ago. At that time, they concluded this uptrend in this specialty could damage golf’s strategic core values.

McIlroy was born in 1989, owns four major in 18 PGA Tour championships and 14 European Tour trophies with 106 weeks accumulated in world number one (OWGR).

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