The gap between the second half caused Conor McGregor to be cornered by Dustin Poirier, then lost a technical knock-out at the UFC 257 event on the evening of January 23.

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McGregor (left) lost a knock-out in the second half.  Photo: Zuffa LLC.

McGregor (left) lost a knock-out in the second half. Image: Zuffa LLC.

Before being lost, Conor McGregor made fans believe the script in the 2014 match was repeated. The Irish boxer soon launched a precise punch at the beginning of the first half, causing Dustin Poirier’s nose to bleed. For most of the remainder of the game, as well as more than a minute into the second half, McGregor played comfortably. He calmly cornered his one-year-old opponent against the edge of the net, and waited for the decisive blow.

Poirier was many times unfinished in his ambition to dominate the UFC. In addition to the main defeat to McGregor nearly seven years ago, he was knocked out by Khabib Nurmagomedov in September 2019. The problem of American boxers, other than competitive psychology, is fitness. He is shorter than Khabib and has a disadvantage against McGregor at arm (1m83 vs. 1m88).

However, McGregor of 2021 is no longer an invincible fighter as a few years ago. After taking a little advantage at the beginning of the first half, the 32-year-old boxer revealed an opening and was slammed by Poirier to the floor.

Embracing boxing dreams with Manny Pacquiao in 2021, so McGregor used a lot of left jabs (jab) when fighting Poirier. Although a year was not played, the feeling of the former UFC champion’s blow is still accurate. Many times Poirier tried to sweep the tower, but soon received an accurate counterattack from McGregor. By the beginning of the second half, McGregor had two more heavy punches, hitting the opponent’s face. Poirier’s face began to bleed a lot.

But when it was not enough to let the opponent get drunk, McGregor revealed a big gap. He didn’t cover his face, and let Poirier’s straight punch hit. Before he could recover, McGregor got another hand behind, then staggered to the floor.

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