Irish boxer Conor McGregor provoked Dustin Poirier both with words and actions during the encounter on July 9.

As soon as he stepped onto the stage during the press conference before the UFC 264 event, McGregor rushed to demand enough with Poirier. The Irish boxer repeatedly made provocative words, and then even kicked Poirier with his foot.

In response, the American puncher reacted in moderation. He smiled and appeared calm at the threatening words from his opponent. However, UFC president Dana White had to work very hard to de-escalate the tension and avoid the two fighters getting into a fight.

McGregor to marry Poirier

The third fight between McGregor and Poirier will take place on the evening of July 10 local time, at UFC 264 event, at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. This is the place that specializes in hosting the top UFC fights before Covid-19. Audiences are not required to social distance or wear masks when coming to watch this top-notch competition live, but will have to accept the risk of Covid-19 related issues at the event.

“In 16 hours Poirier will learn that, when you disrespect someone’s kindness and see it as a weakness, you will pay dearly. Tomorrow night I will make Poirier pay with his life. He will die in the octagon tomorrow night,” McGregor announced.

McGregor alluded to Poirier’s accusations of burning money to charity earlier in April. Specifically, before the UFC 257 event, the Irish fighter nicknamed “The Notorious” promised to transfer the above money to the “Good Fight Foundation” charity founded by Poirier and his wife. McGregor just ignored it and still attended the UFC-264 rematch after Poirier apologized.

McGregor announced his wedding when he met the other in Las Vegas on October 9.  Photo: Reuters

McGregor announced his wedding when he met the other in Las Vegas on October 9. Image: Reuters

Meanwhile, Poirier, who was booed during a press conference in Las Vegas, remained calm. The 32-year-old boxer replied: “Those words mean nothing. Just noise. Watch the match tomorrow night. I want to thank everyone who cheered me on, and the boos as well. “.

Poirier and McGregor have faced each other twice, and each won one. In 2014, McGregor knocked out his opponent in the first round. But in the rematch at UFC 257 in January 2021, Poirier successfully avenged, defeating McGregor with a technical knock-out in the second round. Soon after, the Irish boxer nicknamed “The Notorious” rushed to practice and proposed a rematch with the American opponent.

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