MC Pham Anh said there are many beautiful memories of both hosting the show and being a runner at VnExpress Marathon in both Quy Nhon, Hanoi and Hue.

Pham Anh was born in 1989 in Long An and is currently the MC, program editor and producer. He participated in the Artist Golden Swallows 2018 and led the programs Blue sea cruise, Beauty with experts … He is also familiar with the runner system VnExpress Marathon.

– How do you feel when accompanying VnExpress Marathon in Quy Nhon, Hanoi and Hue?

– What I am impressed with all three awards in VnExpress Marathon system is the slogan “All for runners”. True to its meaning, the organizers try to do the best of everything possible, including choosing reputable partners, from drinking water, food, health … to serve the best athlete. The organizers also take the runners very seriously and give them confidence – something we are always skeptical and difficult to find in everyday life.

As a runner and MC, I thank the hard work of everyone, from the head, vice-organizer, the entire crew, volunteers, medical staff, traffic police in the provinces, you. logistics (sound, light …) … I cannot fully describe each part but hopefully you will understand my gratitude.

I would like to represent all runners to appreciate your contributions, helping jogging enthusiasts have three festivals in Quy Nhon, Hanoi, and Hue very jubilantly, especially in a year full of difficulties and challenges. for Covid-19 as 2020.

In 2020, Pham Anh participates in all three awards, both registered to run for 10 km and assumed the role of MC.  Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

In 2020, Pham Anh participates in all three awards, both registered to run for 10 km and assumed the role of MC. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

As for the tournament in Hue, I have a lot of emotions. Great, from the runner two dry weather on the dry weekend, the delicious roads, to the delicious food and especially the people of Hue are very hospitable …

Still know that blocking traffic will hinder people from traveling, but after all, people still smile very Hue. Surely this will be the key point to attract many runners back to VnExpress Marathon Hue in 2021.

– How do you conquer the track while taking on the role of MC?

– The task of the runner is to start carefully, distribute the power properly, achieve the set goals, beautiful goals … that is conquering.

In order to take on a good role as a program leader, at least MC must be knowledgeable in the field of running (the better the run). I think MC is like a mutual friend of all the runners because only like that, runner mentality is comfortable and interactive with the host at both lines – starting and finishing.

– What are you going to do to MC a marathon?

– My only preparation is for health, and for accommodation and travel, the organizers have taken care of it. Just for fun, being an MC runner for me is a destiny, I don’t have much preparation for the tournament. Everything happens naturally, like the way the runners often joke with each other: “practice like race – race like practice”.

In Hue, I only notice the weather. More than a month before the tournament, almost every day was raining, the temperature was low. The organizers and friends living in Hue told me to bring warm clothes in case the weather is bad, but luckily, the weather is beautiful, so almost all backup plans are not needed.

– What role does the marathon play in your life?

– To me, running is very “entertaining”. That entertainment is something that is not required but not is not allowed. It helps me balance or clear up a problem if necessary.

– How do you practice?

– I practice a little undisciplined because I do not set any rules. Being yourself on the run and overcoming yourself is the most important thing.

I do “spiritual” steam, running four times a week or 30 km for seven days. The ones that finish first are considered as closing the books and hanging the shoes. The note in training for me is to minimize injury.

Pham Anh (right) met many acquaintances when participating in the VnExpress Marathon, celebrating their victory when they finished.  Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Pham Anh (right) met many acquaintances when participating in the VnExpress Marathon, celebrating their victory when they finished. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

– Your indispensable luggage and accessories for jogging?

– Carry-in luggage is the training days before the tournament. An indispensable accessory for every runner is a sports watch. Otherwise you can use a smartphone, it will help people distribute the power of their range.

Before the official competition date, with a distance of 21 km and 42 km, the travel schedule should be carefully calculated to avoid affecting the health and psychology of the competition. Depending on the condition of each person, you need to calculate the amount of carb loaded accordingly, avoiding the case of running 21 km but loaded with carbs like 42km and vice versa, so a bit unreasonable.

– Any advice for an entry runner?

– Want to join must be customary. With running, the simple procedure is to run your first steps, no matter the distance. Because only then will the path of becoming a runner become a reality.

– What are your plans for 2021?

– Since Covid-19 is still not well controlled, I cannot register to compete in foreign tournaments as planned. In the country, I will conquer the 42 km distance in the tournaments I do not take on the MC role.

Particularly with the system VnExpress Marathon 2021, I will still hold the mic – still a “mutual friend” of every runner. In particular, I will conquer a distance of 42,195 km at a certain VnExpress Marathon in 2021 to validate the joke of my beloved runners: “Only MC of VnExpress Marathon can run all distances. “. Knowing that it will be difficult to challenge yourself with 2 missions at the same time, but I want to prove one thing: “Pham Anh talks a lot – but Pham Anh can run”.

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