Floyd Mayweather won a bet of more than $ 35,000 thanks to a bet Dustin Poirier beat Conor McGregor at the UFC 264 event on the evening of July 10.

“Dustin Poirier, thanks for making me money,” Mayweather tweeted on July 11. The 44-year-old American boxer also posted a bill of $50,000 betting on Poirier, and collected $ 85,714 after the match. “I can help you, champion,” Poirier replied.

Mayweather shows off his winning bill after McGregor lost to Poirier.

Mayweather shows off his winning bill after McGregor lost to Poirier.

The long-awaited third fight between McGregor and Poirier at the UFC 264 event, at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas on July 10 ended quickly. When the first round had about eight seconds left, McGregor flipped his ankle when he missed a step and was unable to continue the fight. Poirier, therefore, was won by technical knockout.

Mayweather gloated when he saw McGregor seriously injured. He posted on Instagram a picture of McGregor sitting with his ankle flipped, and wrote: “He twisted the ankle. I love how the shoes are still able to fit his flipped leg.”

McGregor fell and broke his leg while fighting

“Lonely and defeated” responded to McGregor’s criticism for agreeing to perform with YouTuber Logan Paul on June 6. At that time, McGregor wrote on social networks: “What the hell is Mayweather doing? Logan just defends, doesn’t fight back, and Mayweather just runs around the ring and behaves like a tough guy. Shameful. Fight a professional boxer, in a match, or retire.”

Mayweather and McGregor fought in August 2017, in the highest-grossing sporting event in history. Mayweather defended, before counterattacking in the fourth round, took the initiative in the seventh round and was awarded a technical knockout in the 10th round. This victory helped Mayweather pocket 300 million USD, including bonuses and copies. television rights.

Similar to Mayweather, Khabib Nurmagomedov also gloated when he saw McGregor’s defeat. The Russian boxer tweeted: “Good always beats evil. Happy for Dustin Poirier. I hope you get your belt by the end of the year.”

Khabib once faced McGregor in the title match at the UFC 229 event in October 2018. In this match, the Russian boxer took the full initiative, before defeating his opponent with a neck lock in the fourth round.

The animosity between Khabib and McGregor took place in a long journey and caused many scandals for the UFC. The first was Conor’s attack on the bus carrying Khabib, causing the Irish boxer to go to court in New York. After meeting at UFC 229, the two teams clashed, leading to the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s ban on both Khabib and McGregor.

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