Youtuber Logan Paul reacted harshly and denied that he and Floyd Mayweather had an arrangement before fighting in Florida, USA on June 6.

“I saw a lot of people talking about a situation in the game, when Mayweather hit me with a precise attack that made me a bit dizzy, and almost fell to the floor. A lot of people said Mayweather knocked me out, but hugged and keep me steady to finish eight rounds. Everyone shut up, don’t deny what I’ve done in this game, “Logan Paul wrote on Instagram on 8/6.

Mayweather is said to hold hands, help Logan Paul not fall

Mayweather in the moment was supposed to catch, helping Logan Paul not fall.

“Don’t forget, Mayweather has a lot of accurate shots. You can see in many pictures of me getting punched in the face and disfigured. But I was still standing, didn’t wobble, and certainly didn’t get knocked down. knock-out. Mayweather didn’t hold me up. He wanted to knock me out, but couldn’t. That’s great,” the American YouTuber emphasized.

The controversial situation took place in the fifth round, when Mayweather began to dominate when Logan was down. The 44-year-old American boxer hit a heavy right hook in the face, leaving Logan stunned. But right after that, “Lonely asked for defeat” again hugged and kept the opponent steady to continue playing. The two fighters stood firm after eight rounds, and the fight at Hard Rock ended in a draw, with no knockout.

Statistics of Showtime After the match showed that Mayweather was still marginally better in hit accuracy with 40% (43 out of 107 hits). Logan Paul had 217 hits, but only hit 28 shots, achieving a 13% rate.

The main event of the Mayweather draw with Logan Paul.

Although Logan denied it, boxing fans said that the two boxers had an agreement before fighting. “Mayweather suddenly remembered he was not allowed to win by knockout,” one person tweeted. “Mayweather is like saying to Logan: wake up man,” another sarcastically. “Mayweather has to play overtime to earn more money,” another fan expressed.

According to the The Sun, Mayweather received $ 10 million in hard remuneration when signing a contract to fight on Hard Rock. But if you add the money to split the TV rights and other expenses, he pocketed $ 100 million, and Logan earned $ 20 million.

Before the fight with Logan, Mayweather spent nearly a million dollars to buy 10 cars for himself and his associates. He bought the car from the Towbin Auto Group dealership in Las Vegas. This number includes three Dodge Challengers, two Dodge Chargers, a Dodge Journey, a Mercedes-Maybach, a Mercedes S560 and a pair of Rolls-Royce for Mayweather himself. All are up to date.

“Lonely and unsuccessfully” is a regular customer of Towbin, having purchased 157 cars from this distributor, including a total of 29 Rolls-Royces over the years. Mayweather’s massive collection can include a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita priced at more than $4 million, a Bugatti Chiron about $3.5 million, and a bunch of other supercars.

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