Boxer Floyd Mayweather left open the possibility of a rematch with Conor McGregor, after a fight with Logan Paul on the evening of June 6.

“Sure, it’s easy to beat McGregor. He targeted me, copied my style, but then hated me,” Mayweather said. Showtime Sports on 4/6.

McGregor joked about Mayweather during the fight in August 2017.  Photo: AP

McGregor joked about Mayweather during the fight in August 2017. Image: AP

Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions – the boxing promotion company founded by Mayweather in 2007 – revealed that Mayweather wants to rematch McGregor because of a personal feud. “I want to say this to McGregor, if he’s listening. You can get a rematch with Mayweather. Sure. It’s a personal matter between the two fighters. After all, they left the ring and hug each other, but things are a bit different now,” Ellerbe told the Irish boxer.

Mayweather announced his retirement from gloves in 2015, but broke the rules and returned to compete with McGregor in August 2017, in the highest-grossing sporting event in history. The American boxer defended, before counterattacking from the fourth round, took the initiative in the seventh round and was awarded a technical knockout in the 10th round. This victory helped Mayweather pocket $300 million, including money. awards and television rights.

Mayweather wins by knockout McGregor

Mayweather beat McGregor in 2017.

Mayweather will fight with American YouTuber Logan Paul at Hard Rock Stadium, Florida, USA on the evening of June 6, Florida time. The fight lasted eight rounds, three minutes each, with no referee marking. Both sides do not wear head protection when fighting and use standard 340 grams gloves. According to the The Sun, the next fight helps Mayweather earn $ 100 million, and Logan earns $ 20 million.

Meanwhile, McGregor is preparing for a Dustin Poirier rematch on July 10 at UFC 264, at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. In the past, these two fighters have faced each other twice, and each won one match. In 2014, McGregor knocked out his opponent in the first round. But in the rematch at UFC 257 in January 2021, Poirier successfully avenged, defeating McGregor with a technical knock-out in the second round.

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