American boxer Floyd Mayweather compared his match against YouTuber Logan Paul on June 6 to a robbery, when he revealed that he pocketed $ 30 million from advertising on his shorts.

“The pants alone made me $ 30 million. Just putting the names of brands on the pants made me $ 30 million. So who is the smartest person in the boxing village?”, Mayweather said on 8 /6.

In addition to the pants, Mayweather revealed that he earned $ 1 million from the hat and mask he brought when he stepped out into the ring in Florida, USA. “Even before I stepped into the ring, I made 1 million USD. Just sitting in the dressing room, I also made 1 million USD,” this boxer emphasized.

The series of brands on the shorts brought Mayweather $30 million.  Photo: The Sun

The series of brands on the shorts brought Mayweather $30 million. Image: The Sun

According to the The Sun, in addition to advertising on competition costumes, Mayweather received an additional $ 10 million in hard remuneration when signing a ring contract with Logan Paul. But if you add the money to split the TV rights and other expenses, he pocketed $ 100 million, and Logan earned $ 20 million.

Mayweather, with such huge profits, went on to compare the match against Logan to a robbery. “It’s easy for me to travel around the world in my private jet, in Aruba, in the Bahamas, in Dubai, making millions of dollars a month doing nothing. But then I saw an opportunity to do it,” he said. a robbery, and because of that, I got in. I’m still the king, not only in the boxing village but also in the business. Because, I went up to the ring for eight rounds, and I don’t remember how much I made. money too. Many people say money isn’t everything. But you can’t raise your children with a legacy in the ring, you need a lot of money.”

Mike Tyson, meanwhile, criticized Mayweather for picking an opponent who was not in the same weight class. Mayweather and Logan have a physical difference of up to 16kg, according to the pre-fight weighing session. Because of this physical disparity, the Florida Boxing Commission does not recognize the fight between Mayweather and Logan as a professional fight. The two fighters, therefore, competed without a judge, and no official winner was determined, if there was no knock-out.

Mayweather draws with semi-professional boxer Paul

Tyson also emphasized that Mayweather could make more money if he rematched Manny Pacquiao. In 2015, the two boxers fought in the unification match of the world welterweight championships (WBC, WBO, WBA), with the victory in favor of Mayweather. 118-110, 116-112, 116-112, is the score that all three judges gave the American boxer.

“I don’t think Mayweather should fight a welterweight fighter. I’m surprised he didn’t ask Logan to weigh in. The boxer in that weight class, if played smarter, would make Mayweather miserable. I also think, he will make more money if he fights Pacquiao again. He should choose an opponent in the same weight class, 70-72 kg,” Tyson said in an interview with former American boxer Zab Judah on 8 / 1. 6.

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