AmericaAccording to his cousin Dejuan Blake, Floyd Mayweather intentionally fought in moderation to draw Logan Paul because he did not want to hurt the American YouTuber in the fight on June 6.

“Mayweather didn’t want to hurt Logan. Anyway, it was just a show fight,” Blake told Sun August 9th. “And as Mayweather said, Logan is not a professional boxer. So why would Mayweather want his opponent to get hurt and not be able to go home and talk to his family. One punch can change the game. But why? Mayweather wants to hurt Logan again?”

Mayweather in a dodge and counterattack hit Logan Paul in the face on June 6.  Photo: USA Today

Mayweather in a dodge and counterattack hit Logan Paul in the face on June 6. Photo: USA Today

In the match on Hard Rock on June 6, Logan Paul, with the advantage of height and long arm span, took the initiative to attack right from the first half. The American YouTuber continuously launched left pokes, but Mayweather always maintained a reasonable distance and dodged the blow well. “Lonely for defeat” actively attacked from the fourth round, when Logan showed signs of weakness. But despite overwhelming, Mayweather doesn’t have enough hits to finish off the opponent. The match ended in a draw, with no knockout.

Statistics of Showtime After the match showed that Mayweather was slightly better in hit accuracy with 40% (43 out of 107 hits). Logan Paul had 217 hits, but only hit 28 shots, achieving a 13% rate. According to ‘s desire scorecard CBS Sport, Mayweather won seven rounds, with a total score of 79-73.

Blake is Mayweather’s cousin, and has been a regular in “Lonely For Defeat” training sessions since 2002. This person added: “Everybody says Mayweather should beat Logan because he talks too much. After all, Mayweather loves boxing, and doesn’t want to hurt his opponent when the fight is over.”

Mayweather draws with semi-professional boxer Paul

Follow Sun, Mayweather received 10 million USD hard salary when signing a fight contract with Logan. But if you add the money to split the TV rights and other expenses, he pocketed $ 100 million, and Logan earned $ 20 million. “It was a great fight, a great experience and event. We made huge amounts of money for a amateur game, and it was a huge success,” emphasized Blake.

Blake met Logan in Las Vegas in 2018. At that time, Logan was preparing to fight his boxing debut against fellow British YouTuber KSI. “At the time, I didn’t know the world watched so much YouTube. I came out of a studio and there were a lot of kids waiting for Logan. That’s when I realized Logan was getting a lot of attention, too,” cousin Mayweather said. remember.

Mayweather was a master of defense, especially in the latter half of his professional career. The American boxer, therefore, received much criticism for always approaching the match safely. But Mayweather countered that he wanted to avoid following in the footsteps of his uncle Roger. He had an aggressive playing style, which affected Roger’s health before his death last year.

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