Floyd Mayweather and US YouTuber Jake Paul, on May 7, fought at a press conference to prepare for the 6/6 match between “Lonely to defeat” and Logan Paul, Jake’s brother.

The press conference at Hard Rock Stadium, Florida, USA – which is also the venue for the competition between Mayweather and Logan Paul on June 6 – became tense when “Lonely alone” muttered with Jake. Paul. Jake Paul then abruptly jerked the hat from Mayweather’s head. The 44-year-old boxer and the bodyguards immediately rushed to attack Jake, creating a chaotic scene.

The American YouTuber jerked Mayweather's hat off

It took a few minutes for the security forces to settle the situation. Jake Paul later posted photos showing purple in one eye, bleeding mouth and teeth. “People said that Mayweather sent bodyguards to chase and even kill me. I could have died from a hat,” 24-year-old Youtuber said of the incident on his personal page.

“I took Mayweather’s hat because he stole money from boring fights. One of Mayweather’s 30 bodyguards punched me in the eye. I’ve had three professional battles, so it’s a little itchy now.” Jake Paul mocked Mayweather at the later post.

Mayweather said that he was mad because Jake Paul was disrespectful. “He can’t touch me and look down on me. Jake wants attention, and I helped him do that. I don’t have to talk about what I’m going to do. We all know my ability. I am ready to go to the station with both Paul brothers in a match, “said the American boxer The Athletic.

Jake Paul, meanwhile, continued to rickle Mayweather. He tattooed the words “Gotcha Hat” (Got your hat already), and the hat-shaped symbol on his right leg. YouTuber has more than 20 million followers also renamed his personal Twitter page “Gotcha Hat” and opened clothes, shirts, hats and mugs with the words “Gotcha Hat” on its website.

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