Former boxer Floyd Mayweather laughed at Conor McGregor and called the Irish UFC boxer a stalker, fraudster and loser.

“The whole world knows that Con Artist McLoser can take everything from me and be loved, and I am hated,” Mayweather posted on Instagram on January 24. “It turns out that racism still exists. Remember, that stalker can never be me or reach my level. I was created differently, and thinking I come from another planet My skills are second to none, I talk a lot and I attack a lot but after each time, I prove my power. That’s why I hate me. as a colored child growing up in the slums faces racism all his life, though he works hard to put himself and his family in a better situation.

Mayweather (left) did not like McGregor.  Photo: NYT.

Mayweather (left) did not like McGregor. Image: NYT.

Mayweather’s status line was used to answer questions from a YouTube channel RingIQ TV, about why Mayweather and McGregor were both extravagant, but one hated, and one loved.

Mayweather retired after winning Conor McGregor in 2017, a match Mayweather grossed more than $ 300 million, and McGregor also earned a third of that. Considered one of the best boxers of all time, Mayweather is unbeaten throughout a career in professional play, winning 50 games and winning five different weight classes. The 43-year-old boxer has recently left open the possibility of returning to the professional ring. He is scheduled to take the stage at Mega 2021 in Japan in late February.

McGregor just lost quickly to Dustin Poirier in the second half at UFC 257 on January 23. This failure made the 32-year-old boxer laughed at by Mayweather. “Conor loses at his forte, but insists on going back to boxing with Pacquiao. No one wants to see that match. It’s like my leftovers eating another kind of leftovers.”

Poirier knocked out McGregor 2021

Poirier knocked out McGregor.

Mayweather once defeated both Manny Pacquiao and McGregor. These are the two most profitable matches in boxing history, with 928 and 905 million USD respectively. According to the Sun, Mayweather and McGregor can rematch this year with a promising billion-dollar match, thanks to money from the Middle East.

Vy Anh (according to the Sports Mail)

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