Mau Binh online Also known as the Gray Army. This is one of the most popular card game genres. The game attracts participants thanks to its logic, observation skills and carefulness. However, for the best results as well as how to play Mau Binh card Being good at winning is not an easy thing. So what exactly is the game Mau Binh? And how good is Mau Binh’s game, then you and admin 12betvn Follow the article below

What is Mau Binh online?

Mau Binh is a game based on a 52 card deck. This game is also known by many different names such as: Binh Xay Grey, Xap Xuong Chuong, Russian Poker, Thirty-three chrysanthemum or Chinese Poker, etc.

Just like playing cards Go to the South, when the play Mau Binh There will be 2 to 4 people. Each participant will be dealt 13 cards and arranged into 3 different hands. Accordingly, your task is to arrange so that the front limbs must be stronger than the hind limbs and must be linked together.

To achieve the best results, players need to be able to think logically as well as observe the cards well. From there, you can arrange the articles in the most suitable way.

Mau Binh online and how to play Mau Binh is good at winning

Mau Binh is a game based on a 52-card deck

Instructions on how to play Mau Binh cards online

How to play card game not difficult at all. However, you need to pocket different knowledge when participating. This will help you get the results you want.

1/ Basic Mau Binh game rules

For any game, before participating, you need to understand the rules and how to play. The same goes for the Gray Army. According to the rules of the game of merchants Each player will be dealt 13 cards before the start of the game and those 13 cards will be divided into 3 different hands. The first and second limbs each have 5 cards, the third hand consists of 3 cards. Participants will calculate and arrange so that the front limb is larger than the hind limb. At the same time in the genera will be linked with each other or not.

The first game begins, you will have 90 seconds to arrange cards. If you play Trade war online you will have suggestion mode to sort the post. At the end of this time, you must conduct a hand to compare with each other.

Players at the casino will conduct comparisons with each other for 5 seconds. In case the person holding a white winning hand, it will be counted as the first place and there is no need to compare the cards. If the brothers have the same strong hand, they will compare the chickens together.

Mau Binh online and how to play Mau Binh is good at winning

Each player will be dealt 13 cards and divided into 3 different hands

2/ Order of cards in Mau Binh

In the law of war, You need to know the order of the cards when participating. Accordingly, each card will be divided into 2 parts: suit and number. The value of the card will depend on the number part, not the suit part. Of the 52 cards, the card with the greatest value is the Ace and the value will be decreased from the Ace down to 2. Thus, 2 is the card with the smallest value when play merchant.

3/ How to arrange Mau Binh cards

When playing requires participants to understand how to arrange trading cards. Because the cards will be closely linked to each other based on increasing levels from top to bottom. As follows:

  • Bidding: The main bid is a hand that includes all the odd cards. At the same time the leaves do not have any connection with each other.
  • Double: is a concept to refer to 2 cards with the same number created. For example 2 trees 8 or 2 trees J, etc.
  • Animals: In the genus there will be 2 pairs and the last limb is not arranged in end linkage.
  • Sam: In the chi, there will be 3 cards of the same number and make a set.
  • Lobby: In the chi there will be 5 cards in a row with each other and the last hand is not arranged in a hall. The smallest hall starts with an Ace and the largest one ends with an Ace.
  • Bin: The box contains 5 cards of the same suit and the last hand is not sorted.
  • Four Quarters: It is a situation where the card consists of 4 cards of the same number and the last hand is not arranged in quarters.
  • Lobby box: This is the case where the limb will consist of a single copper wire and the end limb is not arranged in a box breaking the hall.
  • Large lobby box: A limb consisting of a string of the same suit and this string will have the appearance of an ace. The last limb does not arrange the large lobby breaking crate.
Mau Binh online and how to play Mau Binh is good at winning

The cards are linked together based on increasing level from top to bottom

4/ How to win white in Mau Binh

When playing Mau Binh, there will be cases where you can win white immediately without having to spend too much time comparing cards. Those cases are:

  • Rolling Dragon: Participants will be counted as 24 bets if they have 13 cards from 2 to Ace and identical with each other.
  • Dragon Hall: You will be counted as 12 times your bet if you have 13 cards from 2 to Ace and do not agree with each other.
  • Five doubles 1 year: The player will be counted as winning 6 times the bet if there is 1 gray and 5 pairs in hand.
  • Luc Phe Bon: In case, the player has 6 pairs in hand, he will win 3 times the bet.
  • Three crates: The participant will win 3 times the bet if he arranges 3 boxes in all 3 hands.
  • Three halls: You will win 3 times your bet if you have 3 lines in all 3 limbs.
Mau Binh online and how to play Mau Binh is good at winning

There are many ways to win white in Mau Binh

5/ What is the usual Mau Binh card?

Besides the cases of white wins, there will be some normal winning situations during the game Trade war online. Accordingly, the amount of bets that you will get when you win is as follows:

  • The last penitentiary: The player will win 3 times the bet amount if the 3rd payout is equal to 1 set of Sams.
  • Cu Chi Chi 2: Brothers are counted to win 2 times the bet for the second case of winning and spending by a set of cocks.
  • The first four quarters: Participant is counted as winning 4 times the stake for the first case of winning and spending equal to 1 quarter quartet.
  • The fourth quarter of limb 2: You will be counted as winning 8 times your bet if the second win is equal to a quarter quartet.
  • Lobby breaking box: The player will be counted as winning 5 times the bet if the first win is by a clearing box.
  • Lobby breaking box 2: You will win 10 times your bet if in the game you win the 2nd pay with 1 clearing box.
Mau Binh online and how to play Mau Binh is good at winning

Divide the bets differently depending on the normal winning case

6/ Learn how to calculate money in the lesson Mau Binh

Certainly, with how to play card games, You cannot ignore the most specific method of calculating money. Below 12bet will share with you details how to calculate money for both winners and losers. As follows:

  • To the winners: When playing Mau Binh, the winner will receive 1 bet of the loser for each winning hand. Similar is 2 bets with 2 wins and 3 bets with 3 wins.
  • To the losers: In case of losing cards, you must pay the entire amount that you lose to the winner. The situation of collapsing 3 limbs ie losing all 3 limbs, the player must come 3 times to 9 limbs.

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Good experience playing Mau Binh for newbies

Besides knowing the law, how to play good merchant You need to pocket yourself some experience during the participation process. Below, the admin has mentioned some experiences of playing Mau Binh that can help you a lot in the process of participating. Specifically, those experiences are:

1/ Experience in arranging cards and going to the army

For Mau Binh onlineThe winners and losers of the participants are mainly based on the arrangement of cards and the initial arrangement of the limbs. Therefore, you need to grasp this experience to be active in the game and easily win.

First, when you draw all 13 cards, you observe and make a rough prediction about the cards in your opponent’s hand. Then through this to arrange the most logical post. You can also remove 1 limb to be able to win the remaining 2 limbs.

According to the experience of playing Mau Binh of the masters, most players will rank the first limb low to get 2 strong hind limbs. Therefore, you can also apply it to win at the top. Then drop the middle limb and win the last limb. However, please note the gradual increase in the strength of the 3 limbs!

To win, you can go in order: tickle, hole, gray, hall and double. Accordingly, when you receive the cards, you should arrange them in this order to increase your chances of finishing first.

Mau Binh online and how to play Mau Binh is good at winning

The victory – loss of traders is mainly based on the arrangement of cards

2/ Arrange 3 crates and 3 boxes of wizards

When playing merchants, usually the masters will arrange in 3 boxes. This way of playing is understood that the player will arrange the first limb of the box and put the pieces on the third limb.

For the 3 cards, the same is almost the same but the difference is that the player will arrange cards for the strong 2nd hand and the 3rd hand is used for defense. This is one of the game experiences that many people apply. You will not lose all 3 limbs, but the possibility of winning depends a lot on the large and small value of the cards.

3/ How to beat Xam Gray with 3 blades

Beating the gray army with 3 sword halls is also applied by many people and brings victory. Accordingly, if you have both a couple and a hall, you will do it. At this time, the lobby is allowed to remove the head and double, the father will switch to the middle or last limb depending on the situation of the game. However, how to play cards well is that you should drop the stronger pair on the last limb. Because the last limb will have a greater chance to eat and have a better chance of winning.

Mau Binh online and how to play Mau Binh is good at winning

How to beat the Gray Army with 3 blades

4/ When playing the card Mau Binh, keep the mentality of not being afraid of losing

Psychology is one of the decisive factors for your ability to win very high when playing Trade war online. Therefore, good players are always confident, not afraid to lose against all opponents, including top players.

A lot of people are afraid and do not dare to play with people with long experience, better than themselves. However, this is a misconception because if you do not challenge these people, your ability will never improve. Therefore, you should try to practice hard, often confront the masters to gain more experience and quickly become a high-class player.


Mau Binh online It is one of the most attractive gambling games today. However, not everyone knows the necessary information when participating in this game. Hopefully, the experiences from the above 12bet master’s articles have helped you confidently participate and win for yourself!

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