Nearly 100 days before the opening round, Augusta National’s exclusive major has yet to lock in its ability to open to the field audience.

Masters 2021 will take place from April 8 to April 11. But the plan to welcome the public is suspended after the organizers announced the postponement of receiving Patron Series Badges tickets on December 29.

“We are working out a safe and thoughtful plan to hold Masters 2021. However, the organizers have asked for permission to sell Patron Series Badges on New Year’s Day as usual and will close this issue at the end. January “, Augusta National Masters status 85th update. Patron Series Badges includes rights to watch four major rounds. Last period, this package cost 375 USD.

Dustin Johnson was the 2020 Masters champion when this major event closed with the field audience.  Photo: Augusta National

Dustin Johnson was a Masters 2020 champion when the major event closed with a field audience. Image: Augusta National

Not being able to see the 84th Masters with their own eyes, even though they already have a ticket, fans still reserve the right to use it for the next period, including ticket winners who watch the test rounds by automatic dialing.

In the next few weeks, Augusta National will have to finalize organizational plans from several possible scenarios. The organizers expect the most is the government of Georgia and the locality – the city of Augusta – to welcome all fans who have bought tickets. But given the complicated developments of Covid-19 in the US, even with the deployment of vaccines, this ideal scenario is unlikely to happen.

Augusta National does not publish specific numbers sold, but figures are from ESPN shows pre-time translation between 30,000 and 50,000 Patron Series tickets.

The second solution is to control the audience on the spot, but to solve the problem of logistics and ensure fairness in the criteria and method of choosing who can enter the gate.

The third direction is considered to be optimal according to the situation by reducing the risk of infection. At that time, Masters 2021 was fighting again. In this capacity, Fred Riley – President of Augusta – National suggested earlier in the previous period.

The epidemic caused Masters 2020 to have a closed-off battle from November 12-15 instead of an April tradition with tens of thousands of fieldworkers every day. And inside the translation room fence, Dustin Johnson was crowned in the squalling applause from Augusta National members and attendees instead of the thunderous cheers of the field audience. However, Johnson did not mind “It’s alright,” he replied when asked about the feelings in the closing air.

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