Muscle strains, leg and knee pain of athletes after Hue VNExpress Marathon run are handled on the spot at the massage, muscle stretching area.

This is the third time Tiger Balm has brought the massage and therapy area to the athletes of the VnExpress Marathon, after two seasons in Quy Nhon. During the official race day, Tiger Balm served more than 1,000 people with muscle tension and pain problems. In total, in the 3 days of the event, the booth served nearly 4,000 people.

Hong Le – the champion of 42 km female distance, after finishing, was also massaged for more than 10 minutes by doctors. She said she lost strength at some of the ramp up the bridge and stretched her muscles after completing the challenge.

According to Dr. Nguyen Nhu Thanh, in charge of Tiger Balm’s booth, runners often experience loss of strength, muscle tension and cramps. If not relaxed in time, athletes can experience muscle contraction.

“The Hue running track is very convenient that some athletes can not control their speed, run too fast, leading to muscle injury. Groups 21 and 42 km are the main subjects we take care of,” said Dr. Nhu Thanh. know.

The relaxation area serves free of charge, with additional food and nutrients. Besides supporting athletes to recover, experts give many advice to help athletes reduce fatigue, supplement nutrition after running.

After withdrawing at high speed, Tran Van Giap (21 km distance) experienced muscle tension. He was taken care of by doctors.

Experts say that the Tiger Balm Red Ointment is effective in relieving muscle aches; Tiger Balm White Ointment, headaches and stuffy nose, and hot oil Tiger Balm Oil helps relieve muscle aches.

Thanh Duong
Image: Vo Thanh

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