If you are a fan of Chinese movies, you may have come across a famous card game that is Mahjong . This game is not only played a lot at Asian casino casinos but also appears in online bookmakers. To help you understand this unique card game, below 12bet will introduce in detail the rules and how to play online Mahjong from A to Z.

What is Mahjong?

Mahjong , in English, Mahjong is one of the famous gambling games in China. This game is transcribed in Cantonese as Ma Strip, meaning sparrow. Because in this game, the sparrow is the symbol that appears on the first card (the Nhat Sach card) of the deck. Therefore, when it was imported into Vietnam it was called Mahjong.

According to some interpretations, this card game originated from a nobleman in Shanghai. The game’s time was around 1850 – 1870. At first the cards were played on paper, but over time it was made of today’s hard materials.

What is mahjong

Mahjong is a famous Chinese card game.

From China, Mahjong game is imported to many other countries in Asia such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan or Vietnam with many different variations. However the most famous is Hong Kong Mahjong with basic and familiar fighting style.

In addition, this game is also played in many casinos around the world such as Macau, Shanghai, Philippines, Singapore or Taiwan. Along with that is the online Mahjong games at the bookmakers that help players play right on your computer or phone quickly. This is a real money online card game with a convenient payout for players.

Instructions on how to play Mahjong online

Mahjong is one of the games with relatively complex gameplay. Because the large number of cards accompanying it is a different play style. It is completely different from how to play the 52 card West card like Lieng online , Mau Binh online or Uno, Chan Van Van or any other card game. If you want to learn how to play this game, below 12bet shares you specifically how to play online Mahjong from A to Z for new players.

1 / Basic Mahjong rules

This game usually has up to 4 players participating in a table. Before starting the game, players roll 2 dice, then draw the East – South – West – North cards to determine their sitting position and the dealer according to the direction of the card. Whoever did what would beat the East door. Afternoon beat clockwise with the order of East – South – West – North. When the circle is over, it is called the end of a wind.

The dealer sits in the east and is the first to march. The players sit across from each other. Before starting the game, players proceed to rub the cards face down so that the cards are spread evenly. Then, each player arranged 40 cards into 20 pairs and laid out in front of them like a wall. There can be a variety of different hand arrangements depending on the player.

mahjong rules

Players proceed to rub the cards before starting the hand.

After the players are finished arranging the cards, the dealer (ie the East house) starts rolling dice to know where to take the cards. The order from dealer to the children is 2 pairs, 2 pairs, 2 pairs, 2 pairs and 1 card. A total of 13 pieces. However, the dealer gets one extra card to fight first. If the dealer takes 2 consecutive cards instead of 1, it is called a jump.

online mahjong rules

Players proceed to stack, pick, hit and take pieces from other players.

After the dealer finishes the cards, it is your family’s turn to take the cards clockwise. However, the children can only take 13 cards. When the players have finished taking the cards, the other stack of cards has two ends. The right hand side for normal draw and the left hand side for hand when the frame is up or there are flowers.

Thus, in the game of Mahjong, the other players have 13 cards. Whereas the player at the East Gate (the house) has 14 cards. The dealer plays the card first, then takes the cards in the afternoon and draws the cards clockwise. However, in the afternoon, taking cards and exchanging cards when building flowers, frames or coong is the opposite. A game ends when someone either buzzes or runs out of trees to load.

These cards are divided into 4 hands, one side consists of 1 pair with 3 cards.

  • Horizontal wife called room (Pong, Pung) consists of 3 cards of the same.
  • The vertical called Phùng (Chow, Cheung) is the cards arranged in a certain order (like the Hall when playing Mau Binh online or Poker online in the West card).
  • Tai Phao is a combination of Pheas. Once a Spoon is created, it cannot be eaten.
  • Check (Kong) is when you have three cards, then you can pick or take the cards of other players to play.

2 / The cards in Mahjong

The current popular Mahjong card in the Vietnamese way of playing consists of 4 sets and 1 frame. In total there are 160 cards divided into specific sets and frames. Square-shaped cards are usually made of plastic that is stamped and machine-painted or hand-engraved.

To learn how to play Mahjong, you must have a good grasp of the cards used in this game. Here are 12bet to explore a specific deck of cards in this unique card game.

+ Lean Post 

Cards are numbered cards with three main types: Books, Van, and Van .

  • Books (Stripes) are cards with the burns of a bamboo in emerald green (can be combined with red). Which includes cards with 2 up to 9 bamboo segments corresponding to the Second Book to the Nine Books. Most especially, Nhat Sach has a picture of a sparrow. Each card type consists of 4 cards (total 36 cards).
military book in mahjong

Cards from One Book to the Nine Books.

  • Van is 9 number cards in Chinese from Nhat (1) to Nine (9) in blue color. Beneath these cards is the word “Wan” written in Traditional Chinese style. In total, there are 36 Van pieces from Nhat Van to Cuu Van.
Thousands of troops in mahjong

The cards from Nhat Van to Cuu Van.

  • Letters are cards denoted by small circles from 1 to 9 circles. Corresponding to that are the Nhat Van pieces (one circle) to the Nine Van (nine circles). A total of 36 troops.
military literature in mahjong game

The cards from Nhat Van to Cuu Van.

+ Tai Buao 

Mahjong in Mahjong includes 7 different types. Each type has 4 cards. A Deck of Talents includes the cards below.

  • East, West, South and North were also known as Tu Phong with a total of 16 troops.
Wind army in mahjong

The Ministry of Wind consists of East – South – West – North.

  • Trung (Hong Trung), Phat (Luc Phat), Bach (Bach Ban) also known as Tam Nguyen or the Dragon set with a total of 12 troops.
Trilogy in mahjong

The Dragon or the Three Yuan in Tai Phao.

+ Frame set 

The Frame Set is representative cards. It includes two main categories which are Green Frame and Red Frame. These cards have the ability to substitute for other cards (Total of 8 cards).

  • Green Frame (Green Frame) consists of 4 Total cards (replacing all cards), Soaring (replacing the Books card), Barrels (replacing the Van cards), and Curtain (replacing the cards of Van).
Green frame set in mahjong

Green Frame Set with Total – Vertical – Barrel – Curtain.

  • Red Frame (Red Frame) consists of 4 Chinese pieces (replacing Tai Buoi), Hop (replacing Bai Na), Nguyen (replacing Trung, Phat, Bach), Hy (replacing East, West, South, North).
set of frames poured in mahjong

Red Frame Set with Flowers – Hy – Nguyen – Hop.

+ The Flower Set 

The Hoa Set consists of 4 main cards that are Season – Flower – Queen – Queen corresponding to it with 16 specific cards as follows.

  • Bo Hoa (also known as Hoa Do or Tu Hoa) includes Mai, Lan, Cuc, Truc (4 pieces ).
Red flower set in the bet

Set of Mai Red Flowers – Lan – Cuc – Truc with numbers in red corners.

  • The Seasons (also known as Green Flower or Four Quarter) includes Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter (4 pieces ).
Blue flower set in mahjong

Spring – Summer – Fall – Winter set with numbers in blue corner.

  • The Four Kings (or Kings) are the cards numbered from First (1) to Four (4). Below is printed the word Hoàng in Traditional Chinese (4 pieces).
the quartet in mahjong

The Four Kings from First to Four.

  • The Four Queen’s resemblance to Four Kings are the cards numbered from First (1) to Four (4). However, below is printed the word Hậu in Traditional Chinese (4 pieces).
the quartet in mahjong

The Tu Hau from Nhat to Tu.

The Four Kings and Four Queen sets can sometimes be replaced with the Poetry of Poetry and the Poetry of the Jaws according to the Mahjong deck.

3 / The deck of Ù in Mahjong

Ù in Mahjong is different from other card games like Phom Ta La or Che Van Van. It has many different types of tines corresponding to that separate winning levels depending on the outcome of the 4 hands. Below 12bet introduces you to the most basic types of buzzing in this unique Chinese card game.

Whooshing (or buzzing mosquitoes) when there are 4 women including Phùng and Phùng. This is the smallest tinnit, which wins the least money and has no judgment.

Thien ù is when the dealer sets up a card but the tin is immediately counted as 8.

Diaù is a house that buzzes on the first tree when the dealer hits it with 8 judgments.

Phùng bulge when a player has 4 spades are Phùng (Phu vertical) and East is not a door. This is kind of a one-judgment buzzing.

Buzzing bag when all throughout the room 4 Phuket (Phuket horizontal). This hand counts as 3 judgments. If there is no frame, one more judgment is given.

– A hoarse tinnitus is a type of buzzing when a player spontaneously gets 4 Phu which is all Phao without having to eat under any Phu. This hand is counted as 3 mün (18 judgments), if the hand has no Frame, 1 piece of money will be added.

No he received news of the player does not eat all that self buzzing count 1 said.

Piercing is when a player has hit the waiting card, which is a stuck card. That is, there is only one card per person, then one more judgment is counted. For example, in the card with 8 (Bat) and 9 (Nine) cards, you can draw 7 (That).

– The crunch is when all 14 cards are in a row. For example, all 14 cards are Van pieces called Mún cun and are counted as 6 judgments.

Full text means 14 cards are all word cards, there are no picture cards. The word cards include East, West, South, North, Central, Phat. This style is counted 18 judgments.

Ù Tieu Tam Nguyen is when the player has 2 Phu, which is 2 Phùng (Horizontal Phu) has cards of Trung, Phat or Bach. Accompany it is a pair of two cards Trung, Phat or Bach. This type of buzzing is calculated by 6 judgments.

Ù Đại Tam Nguyên is the type of ù in which 3 Phú in the deck is all 3 Phà (Horizontal Phu) consisting of the cards Trung, Phát, and Bạch. Ù Đại Tam Nguyên was counted 9 judgments.

Ù Thập Tam Thái Bảo when a player of Mahjong has all 13 cards, namely Nhat, Cuu and Tai Buoi (East, West, South, North, Central, Phat, and Bach). Also wait for one more card in these 13 cards to form the eye. This type of judgment is counted as 13 judgments.

U Tieu Tu Hi is the type of buzzing when the player has 3 Phu (husky) is PhÃ? However, this Spoon must be 3 out of 4 cards East, West, South or North. The other card is a pair of eyes. This article is counted 24 judgments (4 mủn).

Ù Đại Tứ Hí is the way to tin when a player has 4 spades. But Pheo (horizontal Phu) must be East, South, West and North. Ù Đại Tứ Hí is counted up to 36 judgments (ie 6 mussel).

4 / How to calculate points in Mahjong

In Mahjong, the scoring is different from other card games. The unit used to calculate points in this game is the judgment (Fan). Depending on the type of tinnitus that players are judged differently. After the calculation is finished, it will be converted to points (point).

  • 0 verdict: the 1 child 1 applies to the ringing. In other words, the round ringing is nothing special.
  • 1 judgment: if the 2 is 1 if it is self-raised buzzing, there are 4 Xuyen in the hand, with the same number as the sitting position (East, South, West, North). Or the whole card of other people but buzzing (pray). Or do not eat other people’s cards but get buzzing from your own hands (reckless),….
  • 2 judgment: a 4-card 2 is counted when a trump card has 4 flowers of the same type (Blue Flower or Red Flower), picking up the card so that the card is the last card. Either Spoon or Projection with the same door and the same wind.
  • 3 says: the 8 and 4 when the card is a row of Thousand, Books, Literature and the wind or dragon cards. Or the trump card contains a pair of Goose and a pair of drumsticks, a buzz card with two Goose and another pair of dragons.
  • 6 judgments (mủn): the 64 and 32 are when the song Ù has three Phở dragons Trung Phat Bach (ù Đại Tam Nhân). The trump card has three Phases of the Wind, a pair of winds, and the other cards (ù Tieu Tu Hao). Or the post is all a row like a whole row of Books or Literature.
  • 8 said that when the article was full of four Phà â¬â € s Southeastern Northwest Wind (ù Đại Tứ Hỉ). Or cards consisting of only wind or dragon cards. Or a card with all Goose in hand and wheezing on its own. In addition, there is also the case of a round card with the first 14 cards (heaven ù) or the player buzzing with the first card played by the beat (geù).

5 / How to calculate money in Mahjong

Besides the point of judgment, one thing that players care about when playing Mahjong is how money is calculated. Because this is a real money online gambling game available in many casinos or online casinos.

scoring in mahjong

The Mahjong game statements and specific calculations.

If the scoring unit in this game is Phan, the money in Mahjong is called Sorrow. These are coins made of plastic with different colors and values. After the game is over, players can exchange Melancholy for real money. This helps to avoid being exposed when gambling. Below is a breakdown of the calculation specified in the hand.

  • Depending on the rules of the table, the judgment is awarded. How many judgments are counted in a game, the points will be calculated. Then, from the points calculated according to the rules of the table, for example 1 point is 1,000 or 10,000. This money can be paid with Melancholy first, then converted to real money.
  • The player who can pick up the buzzing will have to detain the other three players.
  • The player who hits the buzzing of another person must detain and detain the children of the other two players.
  • In case the player draws the wrong card at the wrong place to take the card, the buzzing will be punished. However, you must continue playing until the game is over.
  • In case of miscalculating or mistaking the cards, money must be paid to the players in the table. Mistakes are usually fined between 32 and 64 points and the fined person must share the money with other players.

Some experience playing Mahjong you need to know

Mahjong today is not only played in casinos. This game is also played by many online bookmakers. This is a card game with more than just chance. It also depends on the player’s ability to calculate and tactics. Along with that is the experience gained through the games. Below 12bet shares some of your betting experiences while playing online Mahjong to help you win the most.

1 / Must remember all the cards and detailed game rules 

To play this unique card game, you must first learn how to remember cards. At the same time understand the rules of the game comprehensively. Because this is one of the card games that are relatively difficult to learn with many different rules. Therefore, your first step is to understand the rules of Mahjong. Along with the layout, the trump card along with the way of calculating points, …

experience playing mahjong

When playing Mahjong online, you must remember all the cards.

2 / Continuously learn from other players 

There is no better way to improve your gambling than by learning from the experience of other players. You can join groups for people who love the game of Mahjong. Then exchange with them and learn more knowledge.

Besides, do not forget to play online Mahjong games for more experience. The more you play, the more players you meet, the more you will improve your playing style and playing ability.

3 / Having an effective card layout and card strategy 

One factor that plays an important role when playing this game is the way the cards are arranged and played. You must have a matching strategy to buzz. At the same time, play cards so that other players cannot buzz.

experience playing online mahjong game

The way of playing cards and playing plays an important role when playing Mahjong.

In this game there are many different ways to place the cards, you should learn more about how to place the cards for the most benefit.


Mahjong is truly an exciting card game and has a unique gameplay. If you love this famous Chinese game, do not miss the chance to experience the game. Hopefully the above article of 12bet can help you understand in detail what Mahjong is, along with the rules and how to play this game. Hope to help you get acquainted with the fastest online Mahjong game. Good luck.

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