Chess is an extremely attractive intellectual game and is loved by many people. This game not only requires agility, intelligence, good observation but also needs to keep a calm mind when playing to make good moves. Within the scope of this article, 12bet We will guide you to read How to play Chess game This is the most basic and detailed. Besides, please pocket some shared experiences to improve your chances of winning when playing, please refer to it!

What is Online Chess Game?

Chess is an intellectual game that is loved by many people. It is considered as a traditional cultural beauty of Asians, including Vietnam. Each game of chess, each move shows the personality and intelligence of people. Thereby turning on the strong, sharp thinking of the player. This game creates a playground, entertaining people after every tiring and stressful working and studying hour.

According to records, this game was invented by the Indians from the 5th – 6th centuries and was originally called “Saturanga”. Later, this game was introduced to the West around the 7th century and was called chess. When it appeared in Eastern countries, it became “Chess”. Each game will have 2 players, one side will hold a White or Red piece, the other side will hold a Black or Green piece. The goal of each player is to play by the rules and find a way to check or “eat” the opponent’s champion.

Learn how to play Introductory Chess [Cơ bản & Chi tiết nhất]

Chess is an intellectual game that is loved by many people

Learn how to play chess games online

The rules and gameplay of online chess are similar to the traditional way of playing. For you to understand better, we will divide the part Instructions on how to play chess This is divided into 4 parts

1/ Overview of the online chess board

The chessboard of this game will be rectangular, with 9 vertical lines and 10 horizontal lines intersecting to form 90 points. There is a horizontal space in the middle of the board called the river or the ha. The river will divide the muscle table into two symmetrical parts. Each side will be drawn 1 square general, formed by 4 squares at vertical lines 4, 5, 6 from the last horizontal line of each side. In the 4 cells of the general (nine bows) will draw 2 diagonal lines that intersect.

By convention, when looking at the front chessboard, the White (or Red) piece will be below, and the Black (or Green) piece will be on top. The White side will have vertical lines numbered from 1 to 9 from right to left. On Black’s side, the vertical lines will also be numbered from 1 to 9 from left to right.

Learn how to play Introductory Chess [Cơ bản & Chi tiết nhất]

On the chess board, there are black and red pieces

2/ Commonly used Chinese Chess terms

To help players easily get started with this extremely attractive brain game, we will explain some commonly used terms. As follows:

Key terms:

  • Far: Vehicles
  • Soldiers: Good (Patch )
  • Hoanh: Italy is just passing by
  • Direct: Italy just goes along
  • Middle: between
  • Far away week: Troops stand on the river side by their side
  • Too far away: Troops go out of the river by their side
  • Five Six Cannons: Italy only 2 pieces of artillery standing on line 5 and line 6
  • Forward Tam Binh: Good on 3rd street
  • Over bow Cannon: The cannon went beyond the general’s bow.
  • Disclosure: Clearing the way for the vehicles
  • Thuan Phao: both sides hit the cannon in the same direction
  • Fireworks: 2 French pieces are in reverse.
  • Code header: Code moves up the middle column
  • Department: World War

Additional terms:

  • Counter-arc code: Place the cannon on the soldier’s position, then move the code.
  • Frames: upper corner of the soldier
  • Code override: Means that a horse stands on the edge and a knight stands guarding the middle pawn.
  • Fireworks Compensation: Back the cannon into 1 move and then sideways to stand behind another piece.
  • Firecrackers: 2 Cannon pieces lying on the same road
  • The Prophet revealed: First move goes well 3 or good 7
  • Code nut: Year code in frame Si
  • Deadly moves: Move to capture enemy generals
  • Dual projection: Checking the enemy’s generals at the same time with 2
  • Tam Tu Quy Bien (co-border): There are 3 pieces with 1 coordinated wing
  • Contract: The pieces work together to attack the opponent
  • Post-cannon code: Horses in front, cannons behind
  • Reflection: Take the initiative in the game against the opponent
  • Full statue: The game still has 2 fighters and 2 statues
  • Air code: Remove code
  • Cheat code: The code outside is pointing to the opponent’s sign
Learn how to play Introductory Chess [Cơ bản & Chi tiết nhất]

Generals can only stay in the palace

3/ The pieces in online chess and how to move

+ Generals: The general can only go one square at a time, either vertically or horizontally. Heroes are not allowed to go outside the bow range. The main arc is the square marked by the diagonal X.

+ Si: Go diagonally one by one and stay in the palace like a General.

+ Statue: Each move will cross 2 arbitrary squares horizontally or vertically. This piece can only be moved in half of the board, not to the opponent’s table. When there is a piece in the middle of the path, the move will be invalid.

+ Vehicle: Walk horizontally and vertically on the board as long as there are no other pieces in the middle of the way.

+ Cannon: Going horizontally and vertically is similar to the rooks. The difference is that if you want to eat, the cannon needs to jump over only one piece. If not, the French army’s path from the starting point to the destination must be clear of any pieces.

+ Good: Each country only takes one step, if not crossing the river, just go straight, but after crossing the river, it can go straight or sideways.

Learn how to play Introductory Chess [Cơ bản & Chi tiết nhất]

Learn about the movement of the pieces

4/ Basic online chess rules

To start playing, one side will receive a red piece, the other side will be a black piece. The aim of this game is to eat the opponent’s generals. Each player needs to find a way to move his piece in a valid way to capture the opponent’s piece. The law provides as follows:

  • Eat troops: When you move your piece to the position where the opponent’s piece is standing. At that time, the opponent’s pieces will be eaten and removed from the chessboard. Your piece will stand in the position of the piece that was just eaten.
  • Against generals: 2 generals of both sides must not stand on the same vertical line without any other pieces in the middle. Moves that cause 2 generals to become anti-champions will not be valid.
  • Checkmate: The chess piece that moves as an enemy general that can be captured is called a checkmate. When falling into a checkmate position, it is necessary to find a way so that the champion does not get caught as the game ends.
  • Pumpkin mat: Checking the pumpkin is also a form of check-in, but there is no longer the ability to avoid being eaten.

The results of the match have the following cases:

+ The flag wins if:

  • The zucchini can eat the opponent’s generals
  • Block all moves of the opponent’s other pieces.
  • Using one or more pieces to check the opponent’s generals, you need to change moves, otherwise you will lose.
  • The opponent admits defeat.

+ Draw flag if:

  • The position of both sides is equal, it is impossible to decide whether to win or lose. That is, the two sides have no more pieces that can check and capture the opponent’s general.
  • One of the two sides proposed a draw and the other agreed.
Learn how to play Introductory Chess [Cơ bản & Chi tiết nhất]

Don’t be in a hurry to play chess

Experience of playing good online chess of masters

When participating in any game, the accumulation of experience is extremely important. This not only limits losing too much, but also improves playing skills, making it easier to win.

1/ Always remember the catchphrase when playing chess

Here are two catchphrases that chess players always remember. You can refer to and apply accordingly to improve your win rate.


2/ Diverse fighting tactics

when the play chess online, you need to flexibly apply the tactics in each game. To do this, players need to study tactics and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each opponent’s play.

Today’s society often says, “Adventurous” is “Disruptive”. You need to take steps that others don’t dare to in order to break the opponent’s tight tactics. Don’t forget to “meticulously” weigh each move to avoid mistakes. Chess should not be rushed.

This game originated in China and is often used by elites for mental and intellectual training. Therefore, there are quite a few tactical rules applied in this game. In which, the most appreciated principle is “Duc Speed ​​Not Dat” or roughly understood as “boiling and burning”.

The initial position of the two sides is the same, so when you do not know the level and play of the opponent, you should not rush to attack. Be careful in each move, because just making a mistake will turn the game into a disadvantage.

Learn how to play Introductory Chess [Cơ bản & Chi tiết nhất]

Don’t be in a hurry to play chess

3/ Move vehicles, cannons, and code to the roads to attack

In the early stages of the game, you need to arrange the pieces so that they are reasonable to defend and attack. Key pieces such as Xe, Cannon, and Ma need to be moved to the road to take a favorable position. Usually will leave early in the route 2, 4 or 6, 8. Arrange France according to tactics to participate in attack or defense. The extremely powerful battle applied by the masters is “The front car – the rear cannon – the code next to it”. Need to deploy the middle area early, it is best to let the Ma advance 3 or back 6, combine with another to participate in the attack.

4/ Arrange tactics that are easy to defend

Although play chess online Or in the traditional way, you also need to practice how to deploy your own battle. Especially at the opening of chess, it is an important time to perform the arrangement of troops and set traps for the opponent.

Usually, the professional players will deploy the game against the opponent’s position. Some popular positions that chess players often apply when they first enter the game that you can refer to such as: Front of the code, counterattacking the code, the only revealed fairy, favorable artillery …

5/ Use bait to lure opponents

This is a highly appreciated strategy that you should pocket. This way of playing will help you get a certain advantage in the game or eat a more valuable piece of the opponent. Depending on the ability of each chess player, the method of application is also different. Even many players do not need to lose any pieces to lure but still corner and capture the opponent’s pieces.

One of the mistakes that new players often make is falling into the enemy’s trap. They will eat the pieces that the opponent wants to feed without regard to the deeper purpose. Before each move, it is necessary to consider.. Eat that piece, will you lose any of your other pieces? Does eating that piece have any advantage for the opponent? Remember, gluttony is a weakness that most players don’t know about.

6/ For strong opponents who need to raise their defense

How to play good chess When meeting strong opponents, it is to raise the defense. Each player will have their own strategy, but in this case, consider the defensive counter-attack. That is, still attacking but still prioritizing defense, probably waiting for an opportunity.

7/ Before attacking, prepare reinforcements

Even if you are just starting out with this game, practice the habit of combining many pieces to attack. Because each piece has its own strengths and roles on the chessboard. If you only focus on strong pieces and forget about the remaining pieces, it will be difficult to create a tight position. Maximize the power of all the pieces you have.

Learn how to play Introductory Chess [Cơ bản & Chi tiết nhất]

It is necessary to have tactical flexibility when playing chess

8/ Move the pieces reasonably, not to block each other’s moves

The coordination of many pieces to participate in the attack is not simple. However, it is much more difficult to arrange the squad to have a flexible match. When playing chess to be able to deploy a mobile squad, easy defenders must be extremely smart and experienced people. They will use their inherent skills to turn around depending on the game.

Although the pieces do not stand on a beautiful path, the pieces in front must not block the move to advance and defend the group of pieces behind. Place your chess pieces at important points, avoid gathering in one place without defense or attack.


Thus, with the above information, it is sure to help readers understand each piece, its symbol and its movement. Let’s join the game chess to have more interesting experiences after hours of studying and working hard. Don’t forget to pocket the experience shared above to get the best match. Good luck!

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