JapanWith the same weight lifting 173 kg, but due to being 0.1 kg heavier than his Jordanian opponent, Le Van Cong won a silver medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Le Van Recognition of silver medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, Japan.  Photo: TTVN Union

Le Van Recognition of silver medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, Japan. Photo: TTVN delegation

At the Rio Paralympic Games in Brazil 2016, runner-up Le Van Cong won the first gold medal in history for the Vietnamese disabled sports team with a record of 181 kg after three weightlifting times. After that, he also set a world record when lifting a weight of 183.5 kg at the 2017 World Disabled Weightlifting Championships in Mexico.

Therefore, entering the men’s 49kg content on the morning of August 26, Le Van Cong is highly expected. He competed with eight other opponents, the most formidable of which was Omar Qarada of Jordan, who lost to Le Van Cong at the 2016 Paralympics.

Le Van Cong registered a starting level of 165 kg and succeeded in the first lift. Meanwhile, Omar Qarada also finished the starting level of 170 kg.

In the second election, Le Van Cong succeeded with 170 kg, while Omar Qarada failed to lift 172 kg.

At this time, the gold medal competition took place in the last election, when both registered a weight of 173 kg.

Le Van Cong lifted first and succeeded. He will defend the gold medal if the Jordanian capital fails. However, Omar Qarada did not let that happen, completing the goal of 173 kg.

Le Van Cong broke down when he successfully lifted the weight of 173kg, but he then had to receive a silver medal because he was 0.1kg heavier than his opponent.  Photo: TTVN Union

Le Van Cong was happy when he successfully lifted a weight of 173 kg. Photo: TTVN delegation

At this point, the sub-index is taken into account. Le Van Cong weighs 47.31 kg, while Omar weighs 47.21 kg, so the Vietnamese election can only receive silver medals.

This bronze medal belongs to Mammadov of Azerbaijan, with a weight of 156 kg.

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