As tall asWith a fast sprint on the morning of April 6, the driver of Ho Chi Minh City won a bicycle race through Vietnam for the HTV 2021 TV Cup competition.

The first leg is 45 kilometers long around Cao Bang city. Although it was short, the race had many ramps, which made the corners struggle to follow the large group.

The HCM City crew, with two racing teams Vinama and New Group, soon mastered the game when lined up to pull the whole team. Some other racers find ways to split the top, but only succeed in winning prizes along the way such as Quang Van Cuong (Hanoi) to win sprint 1 and Vo Thanh An (Vinh Long) to win sprint 2.

Le Nguyet Minh overcame Nguyen Tan Hoai (number 91) to win his first race this year.  Photo: Ton Dong A.

Le Nguyet Minh overcame Nguyen Tan Hoai (number 91) to win his first race this year. Image: Ton Dong A.

After that, the team joined the crowd, where two Ho Chi Minh City teams made tractors to bring main driver Le Nguyet Minh to the competition. About 200 meters from the finish line, Nguyet Minh sprinted his forte, reaching speeds of up to 75 km / h, defeating two rivals Nguyen Tan Hoai (Dong Thap) and Huynh Thanh Tung (Military Region 7) to win.

The total time of the race is 1 hour 0 minutes 7 seconds, reaching an average speed of 41,419 km / h.

“It was a difficult race because the road was too steep and the destination was on the top again. But my teammates did a great job defending and putting me in a decisive draw. Also, before going up the slope, The group also went downhill so it created more or less momentum for me to have a decisive sprint to win. Thank you very much, my teammates, “Nguyet Minh said.

With this victory, the racer of New Group HCM City haggled with both the Yellow Shirt and the Blue Shirt. Meanwhile, the White Shirt for the young driver temporarily belonged to Thai Ngoc Hai (Vinh Long).

Team An Giang led the team, ranked second is Dong Thap and Ho Chi Minh City ranked third.

Tomorrow April 7, the second leg racing teams from Cao Bang to Lang Son are 130 kilometers long. In order to ensure the safety of athletes when playing with a completely new route, many long ramps, dangerous winding in unfavorable weather, this stage will not count sprint points, Red shirt points, achievements of Players are not included in the final round, but still award individual and teammates rewards.

Le Nguyet Minh won the opening stage of the Television Cup - 2

Duc Dong

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