Thanh HoaHo Chi Minh City New Group’s trailers, while withdrawing the finish line, fell and dragged a driver of Military Region 7 who had an accident at the 6th leg of the April 11 Television Cup.

When competing at the destination in Thanh Hoa on April 11 this afternoon, “sprint king” Le Nguyet Minh moved to the right to cling to Nguyen Tan Hoai. But then, he stumbled and could not control the steering wheel and fell onto the street and dragged both the body and the car over the finish line. In the back, Nguyen Van Nha, a driver of Military Region 7, did not control the speed, crashed into Minh’s car, so he fell and lay motionless.

Le Nguyet Minh (blue shirt) fell over and over at the destination and stood up in time while Nguyen Van Nha lay motionless because he crashed into Nguyet Minh's car.  Photo: Van Thuan.

Le Nguyet Minh (blue shirt) fell over and over at the destination and stood up in time while Nguyen Van Nha lay motionless because he crashed into Nguyet Minh’s car. Image: Van Thuan.

Both riders were then taken to the emergency room, but Nguyet Minh was only slightly rebuilt, and returned to the hotel to rest. Van Nha must be admitted to Thanh Hoa hospital for screening. By this afternoon, Military Zone 7 crab was discharged from the hospital. Although she is not serious, with soft tissue injuries, rubbing her face and limbs, Van Nha is likely to soon break up from the race.

With a change of direction when the target was withdrawn, causing dangerous consequences, Nguyet Minh was warned by the organizers and fined VND 500,000. If there is a recidivism, the racer will be disqualified from the race. Currently, he still has the opportunity to compete with the final Blue Shirt.

At the 111-kilometer race from Hanoi to Thanh Hoa this morning, other teams tried to split up to capture the Yellow Shirt – Blue Shirt of Dong Thap – Nguyen Tan Hoai. The attack efforts helped the group of four riders Phan Tuan Vu (Can Tho), Nguyen Truc Xinh (Ho Chi Minh City New Group), Nguyen Lam (Dopagan Dong Thap) and Nguyen Van Hieu (Ynghua Dong Nai) successfully separated from the top. In the large group, there was the Yellow Shirt Nguyen Tan Hoai.

In this group, Truc Xinh works the most actively, because he has the opportunity to “tear” the Yellow Shirt, and Tuan Vu also actively coordinates to build the top tractor because he has the goal of winning the leg. The remaining two riders Nguyen Lam, Van Hieu mainly clinged because the game was not favorable.

The leading group sometimes creates a distance of nearly 3 minutes. When being 20 kilometers away from the finish line, the Dong Thap and Dong Nai riders joined forces to pull the crowd to chase the first group. The speed of the race is pushed up very high thanks to the attractive chase display in two groups. The gap between the group with Nguyen Tan Hoai’s Yellow Shirt gradually narrowed, but the four leading riders still successfully reached the finish line.

There, Tuan Vu won the leg, Van Hieu finished second, Nguyen Lam finished third, and Truc Xinh came fourth. The total time for the head to head is two hours 40 minutes and 52 seconds, the average speed is 41.401 km / h.

Phan Tuan Vu won the first time of the 2021 Television Cup. Photo: Van Thuan.

Phan Tuan Vu won the first time of the 2021 Television Cup. Photo: Van Thuan.

Nguyen Tan Hoai’s Yellow Shirt finished after the top 16 seconds, so he still managed to preserve his two shirts.

The Ho Chi Minh City New Group team, after this stage, suddenly took the lead in the team championship, the second place was Vinama Ho Chi Minh City and the third place in Dong Thap.

Tomorrow morning, April 12, the seventh leg of the race from Thanh Hoa to Nghe An was 140 kilometers long.

The HTV 2021 Television Cup competition through Vietnam has a total prize fund of nearly 2 billion VND – the highest in history. 15 domestic teams participate, compete on a total route of 2,450 kilometers through 22 stages. The race departs from Cao Bang on April 6, and then finishes at the Independence Palace, Ho Chi Minh City on April 30.

Due to Covid-19, this year’s HTV Television Cup cannot invite foreign racing teams. But the tournament still has two veterans in Vietnam for a long time, Javier Sarda Perez (HCMC) and Loic Descriac (Dong Nai).

Le Nguyet Minh caused an accident at the sixth leg of the bicycle tournament through Vietnam - 4

Dong Huyen

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