The story of compatriot Brooks Koepka criticizing the sponsor’s stick in the first round on July 15 became an excuse for Brook Koepka to mock when they both attended major The Open.

On July 16, Koepka finished the second round of The Open with 65 strokes, of which hit only six of the 14 fairways. End of the game, he replied Golf Channel. “Oh, I played well today and am in love with the driver”, Koepka self-reviewed the performance of the first hole.

Koepka mocks DeChambeau

DeChambeau entered the game after Koepka seven holes and the whole match did not use a driver – a kicking stick. Using this tool in the opening leg, DeChambeau hit just four fairways. After that, he criticized the driver of sponsor Cobra, and then had to apologize for being “furious”.

Playing with an all-iron for the second game, DeChambeau scored four birdies to cover the bogey while Koepka drove from the top of the hole and got eight birdies, two bogeys and a double bogey.

The hint from Koepka yesterday was the “latest episode” in the feud with DeChambeau from 2019, when Koepka criticized the junior’s slow-playing behavior. After that, Dechambeau mocked Koepka “without abs but entered the typical bodybuilding topic of athletes” – Body Issue of Sports Illustrated.

After two years of lull, the discord between the two sides recurred, on the closing day of the PGA Championship on May 23. At that time, Koepka shared her opinion, also in front of the camera Golf Channel after finishing T2 at the major that he won in both 2018 and 2019. Then DeChambeau suddenly passed by muttering his personal performance assessment with a volume loud enough to get into the microphone. This action caused Koepka to lose focus and expressed annoyance. The video of that moment then went viral on social media.

Two weeks after the PGA Championship, DeChambeau attended and Koepka did not play Memorial on the PGA Tour. At this tournament, DeChambeau was mocked by the crowd of Koepka supporters loudly on the field, so much so that he had to ask security staff to expel the extremists. Before this development, Koepka posted on Twitter a “thank you fans” video with a pledge to serve beer to all fans who were kicked out of Memorial.

DeChambeau did not hide his gloating before each time the opponent had an unsatisfactory incident.  Photo: The Open

DeChambeau did not hide his gloating before each time the opponent had an unsatisfactory incident. Image: The Open

At the US Open, DeChambeau “escalated tensions” by deliberately appearing while Koepka was giving an interview Golf Channel after the first round, on June 17. When he was about to shoot, DeChambeau suddenly walked across the frame, even trying to show his face with a flying movement.

Then on the day DeChambeau officially stopped collaborating with his real caddie Tim Tucker, Koepka on Twitter Called it a day of gratitude to the caddie and expressed gratitude to the personal combat assistant.

During the press conference before The Open 2021, reporters asked off-topic questions – the possibility of pairing with DeChambeau in the Ryder Cup team tournament in September this year. “Oh, there’s no way that’s going to happen. I didn’t fight with him. And if we’re in the team, we’ll all do our own thing,” Koepka replied.

But with the same question, DeChambeau showed an opposite attitude. “It doesn’t matter. I think it will be fun and we will play well. Besides, it can bring excitement to the home team and the visitors,” DeChambeau said.

He is ranked sixth in professional golf in the world (OWGR table), two places above Koepka but three years behind.

Yesterday, they both passed The Open – Koepka jumped 20 steps to T12 with a score of -5 and DeChambeau stood at T65 (+1), the bottom of the 36-hole record. The R&A event has been held since 1860. The Open prize fund this year reached 11.5 million USD.

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