Chaos flooded the field to celebrate champion Phil Mickelson, the crowd of spectators pushed Brooks Koepka when the PGA Championship closed the curtain on May 23.

“Someone got in the way and hit my caddie in the face, so he stopped suddenly. I was behind, couldn’t dodge, so my foot tripped on the bag of sticks he was carrying. Then about five people around me jostled. The feeling. like they did. Tonight, I have to apply ice again,” Koepka said after the award ceremony.

Koepka competed for the top with Mickelson to the 17th hole, before succumbing to the last hole.  Photo: AP

Koepka competed for the top with Mickelson to the 17th hole, before succumbing to the last hole. Image: AP

The golfer born in 1990 competed in the PGA Championship with his right knee not fully recovered from surgery in March because of a dislocated kneecap and damaged ligament.

On the closing day, Koepka and Phil Mickelson started the last round. After 17 holes, Koepka still has a chance to fight for the title because Mickelson, despite being at the top of the table and leading him by two strokes, has one hole left.

On hole 18, Mickelson hit 348 yards into the rough on the left of the fairway, and Koepka ran 343 yards into the wasteland on the right. Both hit the green on the second shot. Mickelson is about 4.5 meters from the hole while Koepka is 5.8 meters away.

And after Mickelson hit the green with a 9 iron, the crowd chanted “Lefty, Lefty, Lefty”. Hundreds of people rushed into the fairway, following the two competitors to the finish line. In that scene, several police officers and the tournament supervisory team had to clear the way up for Mickelson. When the American player was born in 1970 on the “safe” spot on the last green, his compatriots were born after 20 years to arrive.

Crowds surround Mickelson

Crowds swarmed the pitch around Mickelson after the champion’s final putt.

“It’s not fun at all. I don’t know what words to use to properly describe the scene at that time without being scolded. My right knee was bumped a few times. It hurts a bit now. It’s unconscious,” Koepka continued, expressing out harshly.

Mickelson didn’t listen to Koepka’s complaints. “I think he’s slow to delay me,” he joked nonchalantly, admitting the mess in the second half of the 18th hole.

Mickelson won at -6, holding $2.16 million and becoming the oldest major champion, while Koepka and Louis Oosthuizen finished T2 at -4, each receiving $1.056 million. Mickelson will turn 51 on June 16 with a current record of six majors in 45 PGA Tour titles. Koepka won four majors, including the PGA Championship in 2018 and 2019.

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