NetherlandsNN Mission Marathon at Enschede Sunday, April 18, was the first time Eliud Kipchoge had raced after his defeat at the London Marathon on October 4, 2020.

Kipchoge is ready to return to the track in six months.  Photo: NN Running Team

Kipchoge is ready to return to the track in six months. Photo: NN Running Team

“It’s great to be back at the starting line at the NN Mission Marathon in the Netherlands. This Sunday, I want to deliver a beautiful run that shows the world that we are in a wonderful transition. to a good future. I hope we will enjoy this race, “Kipchoge wrote on Twitter.

NN Mission Marathon – departing at 13:30 on Sunday April 18, Hanoi time – is not open to the public. This self-contained running event at Twente airport, in Enschede, is a showcase of 50 top-notch marathon runners from about 20 countries and territories. Besides Kipchoge, the tournament also has Ugandan runner who won the 2012 Olympic Games Stephen Kiprotich.

According to the original plan, NN Mission Marathon took place from April 11, in Hamburg, Germany. But because of Covid-19, the event was postponed, the organizers had to find an alternative site, and Enschede, the Netherlands was chosen.

Kipchoge practiced at Enschede airport

Kipchoge practiced getting used to the running track at Twente Airport, Enschede, Netherlands.

NN Mission Marathon is also the first time Kipchoge has returned to a running competition after a sudden defeat at the London Marathon 2020. In the competition on October 4, the Kenyan runner only finished eighth, 5 minutes behind the century. world record that he himself holds – 2 hours 01 minutes 39 seconds set at the Berlin Marathon 2018. It was the first defeat of Kipchoge after 10 consecutive victories in the run since 2013.

“Winning is important. Specific timelines are also important. But I can’t say that’s the ultimate goal right now. I really want to run a great tournament,” Kipchoge said on April 16. on target at Enschede.

This reticence comes from the fact that the 36-year-old runner has too many difficulties in training, because of Covid-19. Kipchoge added: “The epidemic upsets everything. Our lives and practice are not as stable as before. Now, I can only practice with a small group and play without the fans. I played sports for 17 years and practiced with many people, but one day, I have to practice alone. But after all, we have to get through, we are going to get through.

Kipchoge is one of the greatest marathon runners of the sport. Failure at the London Marathon 2020 did not discourage him. Kipchoge said at that time he had respiratory problems and cramps, so he did not change any details in his training regime afterwards. His London experience also helped him learn to run without fans cheering along the way.

Kipchoge played unsuccessfully at the London Marathon

Kipchoge finished eighth at the London Marathon on October 4, 2020.

“In London, we run without the fans cheering. The next race will be the second time the athletes and I have had a similar experience. This is also a way to learn, adapt and accept reality. the fact that we still have to move on, because life doesn’t just stop anymore, “he said.

The 2021 Olympic organizers have banned foreign fans from coming to Tokyo, Japan from attending the event. They also have no plans yet on allowing how many Japanese spectators to be present at the competitions. So Kipchoge sees the race at Enschede as an important preparatory step for the Olympic Games scheduled to open in August.

The legendary runner also revealed that he will use the biosensor for the first time to track his body’s sugar levels during the race. This tool will help Kipchoge know when he can “refuel”. He said: “It’s good that this race is going. It helps me and the other athletes qualify to go to Tokyo.”

NN Mission Marathon has many of the world’s leading runners participating. Some athletes look for tickets to the Tokyo Olympics. The remainder see this as an important rehearsal for the biggest tournament of the year.

The organizers arranged 12 pacer to support speed for athletes. These pacers will help some athletes to reach the Tokyo Olympic organizers’ 2 hours 11 minutes 30 seconds standard. Besides the male athletes, this race also has female stars of the village running like Madai Pérez, Jessica Augusto, Sara Moreira …

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